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The Best Apple Products Offers Are From T-Mobile

Often time we just buy Apple products without looking for discounts since Apple rarely offers discounts. Even on the biggest shopping spree season of the year which is “Black Friday” sales, Apple’s discounts usually are minute. However, kicking start the year 2018 and marched into the 2nd month of year 2018, T-Mobile has opening the gift boxes to indulge US consumers. The best Apple mobile products discounts aren’t from Apple itself but they are from T-Mobile.


BOGO (Buy One Get One FREE) iPhone Sales

That’s right. How often do you hear BOGO iPhone deals? It’s super rare. The nearest one we remembered was last year Sprint offered one on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 only. This time, T-Mobile opened it up to 5 models including the latest and greatest iPhone X.

How Does It Work?

Of course, there is no free lunch under the sun, right? However, if you are with other wireless carriers and are looking for switching to another one, you are in luck. Why? Because this BOGO deal requires you to port your number from another carrier (also require a trade-in). In the end of the day, you will still get more bucks than you would just purchase an iPhone alone.

1) Buy 2 iPhone devices.
Choose from the eligible phones above. Trade-in and port-in required.

2) Port in your number.
Once you receive your new phones, call 1-800-937-8997 to transfer your number.

3) Trade in an eligible phone.
Complete within 20 days of receiving your new devices.

Trade in an eligible phone (see the list below).

Complete within 20 days of receiving your new devices.

• Apple iPhone 7
• Apple iPhone 7+
• Apple iPhone 6s
• Apple iPhone 6s+
• Apple iPhone 6
• Apple iPhone 6+
• Apple iPhone 5s
• Apple iPhone SE
• LG G6
• LG V20
• LG G5
• Samsung Galaxy S7
• Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
• Samsung Galaxy S7 Active
• Samsung Galaxy S6
• Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
• Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
• Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
• Samsung Galaxy S5
• Samsung Galaxy S4
• Samsung Galaxy Note 4
• Samsung Galaxy Note 5

4) Complete rebate form online.
Enter promo code 18Q1APLBOGO within 30 days of purchase.

Fill out the rebate form here


Which iPhone Models Are Included?

iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

You can choose to buy two iPhones from the above models and you will get up to $700 USD rebate. For more details about this iPhone BOGO offer, you can click here to go to T-Mobile dedicated page for it.

Apple Watch Series 3 – Buy One Get 2nd One Half Price

This discount is even rarer since Apple Watches don’t get discounts often and even if they do, they don’t get this hefty discount. Hence, if you are an Apple Watch fan and haven’t gotten one yet, this is your chance to get one and another one for your love ones since Valentine’s Day is around the corner (3 days from now). This is hands down the best Apple fans’s Valentine’s Day deal (gift) ever.

How Does It Work?

1) Buy 2 Apple Watches Series 3
2) Bundled with qualifying DIGITS™ plan
3) With 24-month no-interest EIP with 0% APR


Any Other Deals?

Well… yes, there is another great deal if you are a T-Mobile customer (or if you want to become a T-Mobile customer). If you have a family plan with T-Mobile, you can add one line and get another line for FREE. You didn’t hear it wrong that you can basically get 2 lines for paying only an extra line. So … if you need two more lines, you definitely should get this deal. Even if you only need one line, you should get this deal as well since the 2nd one is FREE 🙂