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S9/S9+ Clone is Already Out

That’s right. Samsung hasn’t even unveiled their “Next Big Thing” (flagship phone) which assumably will be named Galaxy S9 and S9+, the Clones (from China) are all over the world already. Just watch the following two of the most popular tech-youtubers opened and examined the Galaxy S9/S9+ clones and get a feel of it.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Clone Unboxing!



Unboxing The Samsung Galaxy S9 Clone

Unbox Therapy



We all know that the real S9/S9+ will be way better (quality-wise) than the clones we saw above. However, the overall design should be not too way off based on all the rumors and rendered images we have so far. No denial here that S9/S9+ are going to be beauty queens once they come out. The question here is … “can them overcome consumers’ smartphone addictions (upgrade-wise) fatigue and scoop a huge profit out of this new flagship phone release?”