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Two Smartphone Kings – Pros & Cons for Real (Part I – iPhone X )

There is no denial that “iPhone X” and “Note 8” are the Kings of the smartphones as of today (soon the “Note 8” throne will be overtaken by the “S9”). More than a few people (in fact, millions of people happily hurried into owning those phones) own one of (or both) phones. We understand that both phones (or in operating system level rather) have its loyal supporters and both phones are really truly fantastic phones; however, there are some good things as well as bad breeds which is inevitable in real life so … from real users’ point of view, we are going to give you things we like the most and stuff that we cannot stand with on both phones (part I – iPhone X) after couple months of using them.


iPhone X

Loved Stuff

1) The App Switcher, the animation, and the smoothness

Do we need to mention that how skillful Apple has been to make superior UI? The animation is just sick. Taking the App Switcher as an example, you swipe up and the app screen just animated along with your finger path also invoking the recent apps appearing on the screen. It’s just a pure beauty.

2) The Size

Talking about the big screen which every phone maker has mastered already. However, there isn’t the one made a phone like the iPhone X that when you hold it on your palm, you really feel like it’s a “PHONE” not a “Phablet” (forgot this term already, right? ^_^).

3) The Sound Quality

Apple is really good at “laser” focusing on features. They don’t do a lot of things but they make sure they deliver on what matters the most. Therefore, a smartphone supposed to have a superior sound quality on phone related areas as well as entertaining side. The supreme sound quality is just unmatchable (well… also because of the best quality control that Apple has).

4) Gaming

You don’t believe us that you should choose an iPhone X solely depend on this if you are a gamer? Take an eye test on both phones (or rather both OS) on gaming. Meaning that play some games on them and judge by yourself. We can give you a really simple route to get this done though. Get “Snake vs Blocks”, a great casual game, for this test. You will see how slick and smooth on the iPhone X compared with on the Note 8. It’s really noticeable. You can even see some glitches in the very beginning of the game… and for gamers, a 0.5 sec glitch can be a life or death situation… so… iPhone X all the way if you care about games.

5) Notifications

Right, it does not offers much information in terms of the notifications compared with android phones but … hey… notification is supposed to just “notify” users. It’s not intending to attract too much attentions and efforts especially when users are in the middle of something important.

It’s simple and easy to get the hold of the content by only glancing at it. It really is being implemented super well on the iOS house.

6) Battery Management

It can go both ways but on this Part I article, we are going to put it on the positive lot.
iPhone X is still the iOS so 3rd party apps still cannot get control of a lot of core features or even access them if they aren’t allowed. There are just no ways of doing that. Therefore, during the normal use, you really can get a full-charged iPhone X serving you all day long until it’s time for you to go to bed. No need to worry or to monitor which apps are draining your battery that sort of things. Just plugin, pull it out, and enjoy more than a full day of using the iPhone X.

7) Animoji

We don’t use that much but whenever we thought of it and used it… we had so much fun of it. It’s unique and it’s a very entertaining (also fun) way of communicating with your friends and families.

8) Camera Portrait mode

Not only it works so well on the rear camera, the front-facing camera can do a pretty great job on this end of the bargain too. If you have kids, you can really enjoying taking a portrait selfie with themit’s a memory and memories are supposed to be beautifully “Staged” 🙂

9) Recent Apps Close Safeguard

For some users, this might be annoying but, in fact, this is super neat. Think of it that how many times you just accidentally closed an app that you were using when you intended to close other apps hungrily occupied the memory that you indeed needed at that time? This is cool and useful that users need to activate the close apps feature in order to really swipe and close apps.

10) Apple Pay

It’s really fun of using Apple Pay and it’s even more fun of getting it done on the iPhone X.

Simply just double click the power button on your iPhone X and then Face ID yourself to get approve … and … voila… it’s done. If face ID doesn’t fail you, the whole process will take less than 3 seconds (including finishing the payment). Super awesome, right? 🙂




iOS Same Device Experiences


If you have another iPhone or iPad signed in with the same Apple ID, you will notice that whenever, you install an app on one device, the other device will get that one too. Also, whenever you are using iOS default apps on one device, the other will show the info as well. This is extremely useful if you give an iPad to your kid and you would like to monitor his/her iPad use behaviors. Or just simply control what kind of apps he/she plays with.




Annoying things

1) The easy access control center is gone

The control center is still here… it’s just annoyingly difficult to access. It’s not intuitive to get your fingers stretch in that length to pull down the control center… so … there isn’t an easy access camera, flashlight, or calculator anymore.

2) Face ID

It’s really annoying when you need it the most it usually won’t act as it should. It’s beyond frustrating on this one.

3) Home Bar

Somehow, it really easy to be triggered. Therefore, you will most likely accidentally trigger it while you are using other apps and be brought out of the app to the home screen. If that happens, you can just spit out some bad words… we guess…

4) Reachability

It’s really useless on the iPhone X. Yes, iPhone X size is good enough to be comfortably held and used by one hand but it’s still long (length-wise) so sometimes you would like to just have the reachability come to rescue. However, on the iPhone X, it’s really difficult to trigger the reachability. By the time you are tired of trying (many times), you would think that … what the heck… just use two hands to do it.


Here is how to use the reachability on the iPhone X



iPhone X is an fantastic phone but, really, it’s not as intuitive as its ancestor lineups. However, if this is the future of the iPhone, we’d better get used to since … how are we going to use other iPhones if all of the iPhones are going to be slowed down in the near future except the newest and greatest “NEW iPhone”?