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Google Home Owners, Google is Indulging You with A FREE Audiobook

Even though the holiday season is over, Google is still giving us the holiday treats if you made a purchase of its Google Home devices. To clarify that this offer is NOT giving to every Google Home owner. It’s chosen by Google so … you have to be invited in order to redeem this offer.



Check your inbox or even the spam folder to see if you receive a “free audiobook” invitation from Google.


What’s the Offer?

A FREE Audiobook given by Google 🙂

Google is making an entrance into the audio books space and it integrated the audio books feature right into their app offerings. It’s similar to other players such as the most dominant one,, which is owned by Amazon and The difference is that you can now listen to your purchased audio books via your Google Home devices if you purchased them (audio books) on the Google Play store.


What To Expect?

Expiration Date

The invite email looks as the image shown above. Also, it has an expiration date on it. Meaning that you have to redeem the offer before it expires. Usually the expiration date is just about 5 to 7 days so … act when it still lasts.

How To Redeem

1) Just click the “GET YOUR AUDIOBOOK NOW” button from your invite email and get to Google Play Store to pick and choose which audio book you would like to have for free.
2) The purchase price of the chosen book will be adjusted to $0.00 on the checkout page. (You will see an instruction for this after you click the button mentioned above)

How To Listen to Your FREE Audiobook

1) Download Google Play Books app
2) Click and download the title of the audio book you’ve just purchased
3) Kick back and enjoy 🙂


It’s Different From

Many of you might think that it’s an integration of the Well… it is NOT. Even if you have an account, all your purchases cannot be accessed on Google Audiobook platform. However, we guess that it’s a partnership move on both ends even though on the surface, they appear in different forms.


What Kind of Books You Can Get?

If you aren’t an audio books listener (or a book person in general), you might be stuck on the pick and choose stage. It might take a long while before you can make your mind. We have some suggestions for 1st time book users here though.

1) Michael Wolff’s Fire & Fury
If you are into the politics or just curious about what’s going on with the current administration

2) “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline
If you are into fiction

3) “11.22.63” by Stephen King
If you are into history fantasy land 🙂

4) “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future” by Ashlee Vance
If you are into tech & entrepreneurship

5) “IT” by Stephen King
A book made to big screen … so … you know you won’t be disappointed.


Another Good Alternative –

Really that you should try other services as well to see which one you like the most especially you will be able to try ONE MONTH FREE from (as well as Just subscribe on both services and cancel them anytime if you don’t see the fit. You will be able to keep ONE BOOK for FREE from both services.

Furthermore, has more than 6,000 free titles so … even if you don’t see the fit to pay for the monthly subscriptions for audiobooks for any reasons, you can still enjoy those free titles. 6,000 titles … it will take you a looooooonnnngggggggg time to finish even a fraction of their FREE collection.


Enjoy & Happy Reading, folks 🙂




Follow the link below, you will be able to get TWO FREE Audio books from

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks