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How To Unlock Your Phone With Your Voice Only

You thought that you can only unlock your phone by typing secured password/pin in, by using your fingerprint, or lately by using your face (either iPhone X Face ID or Samsung’s Face Recognition); in fact, there is a even smarter, more elegant, easier, and more humane way of doing so — “Just Speak Out”.

If you are a Samsung smartphone users, you are in zone of making this happen. It’s super snappy and fun of doing so. Think of it that you can just talk to your phone and it will unlock for you. Not only that, you can also give following up commands to listen to some musics, to check on some Youtube videos, to watch popular Netflix movies, or to catch some great moments by activating your smartphone cameras. Awesome, right? 🙂

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

How To Voice Unlock Your Samsung Smartphones With Bixby Voice Assistant Built-in

1) Go to Bixby Home

By clicking the dedicated Bixby button or by swiping screens all the way left if you haven’t disabled it.

2) Click “more options” icon


It’s the vertical 3 dots icon located on the top right hand corner next to the settings icon on the Bixby home screen.

3) Click Settings on the dropdown menu

4) Scroll down to the “Unlock with voice password” section and click it

5) Enter your secure password/passcode or draw a secure pattern to get into it

6) Input or Change your voice password

Once you are here, Bixby will walk you through it. Or when you first using Bixby, she actually would take you through this whole process.

7) Turn it on

8) Start enjoying only using your voice to unlock and operate your phone 🙂


What Can Bixby Do?

You might wonder that what can Bixby do but Google assistant can’t? There are quite a few things that Samsung integrated the Bixby into their smartphones with Bixby which Google Assistant can not help yet. For instance, voice unlock the phone is the one.

Also, you can do …

1) post photos/videos to social media

2) hail a Uber ride

3) Interacting with other apps like email app.
(e.g., you can tell Bixby to “Show me emails from [a person’s name]”)

4) Open apps and perform tasks
You can tell Bixby to perform tasks from apps by giving the following (pattern) commands

Open [app name] and [perform a task]

Examples here,

Open Camera and take a selfie
Open Messages and show me the latest message
Open Youtube and play Jalen and Jocoby video

5) Install apps from Google Play store
“Install Subway Surfers from the Google Play Store”

6) Temporary adjust screen on time
“Keep my screen on for 10 minutes”

7) When you are busy and a call comes in, you can
“Decline call and send a text saying I am in a meeting and will get back to you ASAP”

8) Inform friends or families where you are
This is especially useful when you are going to a gathering. For instance, you are late and you would like to let your friends know where you are at the moment. Or you are in a picnic area waiting for your families and wanting them to know where you are.
You can tell Bixby that “Text Mary where I am now”.

9) Restart your phone

10) Turn on/off flashlight

11) Turn the volume up/down


Bixby Has a Bright Future

Samsung’s next grand plan is to conquer the smart home market by combining the Bixby and their smart home offerings. Of course, Bixby will support other IoT products too but since Samsung is a 5,000 pounds gorilla, they really can lift this mission high in the sky by themselves alone.

In the future, you will be able to use Bixby to turn on/off TV, lightings, doors, check your refrigerator, ordering foods, cleaning your homes, doing laundries… all sort of great things we saw on sci-fi movies. This is going to be FUN 🙂