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Who is Apple’s $349 HomePod selling to?

We all heard of Apple’s version of smart speaker, Apple HomePod, will be available on Feb. 9th 2018 which is about 2 weeks from today. Also, we all know the price point is stiff compared with other smart speakers currently on the market such as Amazon Echo devices or Google Home devices. However, after we got into the details from “Cult of Mac”  Why HomePod is actually a steal at $349, we really would like to share this with all of you today.


Apple HomePod is NOT a Smart Speaker Focus; It’s a High-Fidelity Audio Gadget Focus

As you know that the HomePod packs with seven tweeters, six microphones, and a high-excursion woofer which is equivalent of having a similar audio experience of $85,000 audio system in one small Pod. As you can see from the “Cult of Mac” article that the Apple HomePod delivers a similar experience of the (super) high-end speaker, “Beolab 90”, does. And … the jaw-dropping price tag on “Beolab 90” isn’t attached to the Apple HomePod. That’s why Apple can price its “SMART SPEAKER” at $349 when its competitors only sell theirs at $50 ~ $100 range.


Wanna Know More About High-End Speakers?

This is not as expensive as the “Beolab 90” which is sold from $40,000 to $110,000 USD range. However, this “Phantom Speaker” is still a very very very impressive (loud) speaker that you can get on the market these days. It’s a $3,000 USD bluetooth speaker with a futuristic design and an alien like moving belly (sort of) attached. We aren’t going to use words to describe how good this speaker is. We are going to let you see a video which is going to take you into the insane level of joy mingling with this speaker from the “Unbox Therapy” Youtube Channel. Enjoy 🙂