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Come On, Apple… You Must Be Either Super Smart Or Super Dumb

When we talk about Apple, we instantly link the image to the iPhone since that’s the hottest consumer gadget at all time and still the most wanted gadget around the globe. What’s make the iPhone this super popular? One of the most important traits is its “Camera“. And … what do we need the camera for? To catch the most important moments of our lives. Therefore, iPhone has us. iPhone has all our important milestone memories. iPhone owns our lives. If you think deeper, it’s not the phone that matters. It’s the data (videos and photos) inside of it matter to us. It’s our moments, our memories, and our lives.

Now it comes to the core of it which is “how to protect our most precious data – videos and photos – contain all our lives?” Apple’s answer is – “iCloud”. It’s a great move and nice integration to a degree really. However, there are some caveats and potential disasters if you are NOT careful when using it. Well… we might be better off saying that there is a disaster waiting to happen. Meaning that it will happen no matter what. It’s just the matter of time if you are using iCloud backing up all of your memories.


Is iCloud Secure?

As all of us already know that it’s not as secure as Google accounts. Apple seems aren’t capable of cloud operations. They keep blundering. If you wanna know more of it, you can read the article posted on ZDNET – “Apple iCloud hack threat gets worse: Here’s what we’ve learned“.


This incident happened last year. Well… similar situation happened in 2014 when hundreds of nude celebrity photos leaked. “Hack leaks hundreds of nude celebrity photos“.


iPhone Users Have NO Other Choices

“Backup” process should be automatic and painless but Apple made it impossible to do that (besides using iCloud to a degree). Either you use their iCloud or you are doomed. Of course, there is a distant 2nd runner in this turf on the iOS platform – “Google Photos”. In fact, “Google Photos” would have been the first and only choice if Apple didn’t limit “Google Photos” ability to perform. You can read one of our articles – “Backup! Backup! Backup! — Google Photos Come To Rescue (Not IOS Though)“. Well… you will know that how we lost a month worth of videos and photos on our iPhone 8 Plus. Also, we lost 3 months worth of data via “Photos” app on our iMac couple of years back due to the “Photos” App incompetence of handling large amount of photos and videos.

The only choice iPhone users have to conveniently (to a certain degree) back up their data is iCloud. Again, if you use “Google Photos” to do so, you will need to manually do that and also you will need to keep your screen unlocked and keep the “Google Photos” app running on the foreground until it finishes the whole backup on iOS. What does that mean? That means if you use “Google Photos” on iOS, you cannot use your phone to perform any other tasks when you are doing the backup process. There is no background automatic option for “Google Photos” on iOS.

Therefore, iCloud it is then … you would think, right? Ok, you can do that and you should do it too since we have no other choices if we choose to use “iPhone”. If we decide to do so, you still need to pray that your phone won’t die before you start charging your phone and connect it to the wifi network at night since iCloud does NOT automatically start until you 1) start charging your phone AND 2) connect to the wifi network. Therefore, if your phone died for some reasons and cannot be rescued, all of your unsaved data will be …. GONE.


Wanna Clear iCloud Space Once Its Almost Full

This is going to be a pain because you almost cannot do it without messing up with your photo library on your phone. Sure, they provide a super easy way to do so. You can just go to “Settings” (then click your Apple ID on the very top) -> “iCloud” -> “Manage Storage” -> “Photos”. Then you can click “Disable & Delete” to delete them from the iCloud. However, if you do so, those data that you already saved on somewhere will not be deleted from iCloud until another 30 days later. To Apple’s credit, it would prevent accidentally clicks on the delete photo library behaviors. So … you would think that we could very easily get on to the iCloud and delete all the photos and videos that we don’t want to be saved on the iCloud very EASILY, right? NO……. IT’S NOT THE CASE.


You Can NOT Easily Delete Photos on iCloud

Sure, you can sign into your iCloud account but you cannot EASILY delete your photos. In fact, it’s impossible to do so once you have more than 5GB of data on it. Apple does NOT offer any options to bulk delete photos. The only way for you do to so on iCloud is to delete your photos and videos INDIVIDUALLY (sure… you can hold the “command” key and select others one by one BUT … it’s still doing it individually since you are selecting photos one by one). All of the modern web ways of selecting multiple elements are all being disabled on iCloud. For instance, you cannot hold “shift” key, select one item, and select multiple items by dragging the cursors or scrolling down to the very bottom. Every single choice that we have are all … GONE.

So … what do we do to get more iCloud storage without paying more? Do we really have to delete photos one by one for hours or even days? Well… there is another way but it’s a very dangerous and stupid approach on Apple’s part.


How to Instantly Delete All Photos and Videos from iCloud

“Photos” app on your mac computer is the only option to get this job done. Well… you would think that … how come deleting data on my computer should also delete data on my iCloud? That’s a very correct and logic thinking but somehow Apple does NOT follow.


Performing this at your own risk since delete photos and videos via "Photos" app on your mac computer will also delete photos and videos you store on your iCloud account, please back up all your valuable data somewhere else first (e.g., an external hard drive or even to a better choice which is "Google Photos").

Step 1:

You should turn off iPhoto iCloud backup on your iPhone. Also, if you click “Disable & Delete” photo library on iCloud on your phone, you should enable it again. However, “TURN OFF” iPhoto iCloud backup first.

Step 2:

Backup all the photos and videos on your phone to an external hard drive. Also, if you would like to backup data currently on your iCloud account to an external hard drive, you should do so before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3:

Once you backup everything, you should clear your iPhone storage so … delete photos and videos (should all be backed up to an external hard drive by now. Double check if you have done it) on your iPhone.

Step 4:

Open “Photos” app on your mac computer and connect it to your iCloud account.
Click “System Preferences” -> “iCloud” to sign in (if you aren’t already). And check the “Photos” option.

Step 5:

On “Photos” app on your mac computer, click “Photos” -> “Preferences” -> “iCloud”.
Check “iCloud Photo Library” option.

Step 6:

Then you should be able to see the “Photos” app syncing with your iCloud photo library and all the photos and videos you saved on the iCloud are being downloaded (synced) to your mac.

Step 7:

Select all on “Photos” section on your mac “Photos” app by press “command + A”. And then click “delete” button on the keyboard.

You will need to do this couple of times if you have more than couple GB of data. Don’t wait until everything being synced because it won’t or even if it will… it will take forever to do so … so select all and delete it couple of times. Also go to “Recently Deleted” section and click “Delete All” button on that section as well.

Step 8:

Your “Photos” app on your mac will start deleting photos and videos and it will also delete data on your iCloud Photos as well. At this point since it’s syncing… you might see your iCloud Photos section is being locked due to the deleting operations on both sides.

Step 9:

After a while, everything should be cleared (deleted). Voila, you will have more storage from this point on. Also, iCloud won’t mess your already saved data with your unsaved data on your phone.



Please be careful about it since it’s really not a smart way to delete cloud data via local machine.

We really don’t know why Apple did this. It’s supposed to have a central command center to manage or your data on the cloud; therefore, you should have ONLY be allowed to delete data on the cloud instead of local machine.

By implementing this complicated ways of handling the iCloud and local machine “Photos” app, Apple created a “accident waiting to happen” scenario which, for sure, someone will think that they already saved everything on their iCloud account so they should be able to safely delete data on their local machine to save space on their mac computer. Well… WRONGYOU WILL LOSE YOUR DATA BY DOING SO.

So … DO NOT EVER TRY TO DELETE YOUR DATA ON YOUR MAC “Photos” app, unless you really know WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Apple… you failed us ONCE AGAIN.