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Backup! Backup! Backup! — Google Photos Come to Rescue (Not iOS Though)

Yesterday we lost a month of photos & videos on our (still) brand new iPhone 8 Plus… What happened? Well… no one knows exactly… yesterday morning, we just did the iOS upgrade… we upgraded to iOS 11.2.2 and after that we still used the phone during variety of things such as web browsing, media consumptions (primarily on Youtube and via Amazon Prime Video app), and even did some phone calls… then … we put that particular iPhone 8 Plus aside while we were onto other tasks. After about 1 hour or two, we went back to grab the phone… it was unresponsive, it was all black screen … it was (sort of … totally dead…) NOT able to be powered on at all. We tried everything from went though the Apple support (even contacted their support representatives) and did everything we were asked to do … 1) charging up to an hour (we did for 2 hours and using couple of different chargers and cables since we have quite a few iPhones in hands), 2) force restart, 3) software fix … etc… then … the final resort was to get into the genius bar. Long story short, Apple genius bar supports couldn’t get the phone back to live so … (we gotta credit this to Apple)… they swap a brand new one for our all black screen and stubborn iPhone 8 Plus.


We know that there are ways to recover contents from that particular iPhone 8 Plus but the support at the genius bar just wouldn’t do it since they just follow the standard procedure.

We understand that since if they tried to recover content for each and every single customer who had the same issue, they wouldn’t have been so profitable. Labor hours are more valuable … giving one thousand dollars phones away isn’t even able to be compared.



Be aware that the appointment with Genius bar might be a nightmare since you might not be able to make an appointment for up to 2 weeks. We were lucky to got on spot at the same day from all the Apple genius bar supports places within 30 miles of range.


Why Didn’t We Use Auto-Backup Apps?

In fact, we did... we just didn’t use Apple’s (iCloud) since we do NOT want to be tied to iOS … and this is the MAIN REASON that we lost all of our contents. (By the way, we lost 3 months worth of contents via iPhotos on Mac OS as well back in 2011 since iPhotos isn’t designed for handling massive photo and video collections. Ever since then, we didn’t even touch the iPhoto app on Mac OS.)

Google Photos is a fantastic auto-backup apps for all your photos and videos and it does automatic background sync whenever you have new contents and wherever you are as long as you have the Internet connectionBUT NOT ON iOS. With the iOS, you need to manually open the Google photo app and keep your screen unlocked … also … you need to tap the “Assistant” tab on the bottom of the app in order to let it sync and backup photos and videos to your selected Google account.

We love the iPhone’s camera so … we took a lot of photos and videos … and we try to back everything up via Google Photo app as often as we can … however, it’s not AUTOMATIC on iOS… (also… since it’s not automatic, every time when you need to do the sync and backup… it will take a while … if you have more than couple GB new content, it might take up to hours) … so we didn’t do it every single day. Sometimes… up to 2~3 weeks or months. Since whenever we remembered to do that, we usually had more than 5GB to 10GB new contents and it took too long to finish before we need to get some other tasks done… so … we tried to back everything up couple of times during the past month (at least 10 times) but since we didn’t have that much time to wait (or sometimes, it froze or stalled for some unknown reasons after an hour of backup) so … we stopped in the middle of the process….


If you are with iOS, pick the iCloud since it will do automatic background backup when you charge your phone (be aware, you need to connect to an wifi network too)


Google Photos


As we just mentioned above, after you install it and set everything up (choose a Google account, use wifi or cellular data or both to backup, and choose backup original sized content or high quality format content), you still need to manually open the app to back everything up in the foreground. So … the only way to get the background backup work is … USING iCloud. And … a lot of us just don’t wanna give in. Apple is good in a lot of ways but they are evil on some turfs as well. All in all, the bottom line is all businesses care about. So … we don’t blame them on this (or try not to).


It’s just that simple… it works automatically (magically) … you install it and set everything up… if you choose backup via cellular and wifi network, every time when you have new photos or videos, those content will be automatically uploaded to your chosen Google account in the BACKGROUND … meaning that you don’t need to manually open the app and tap some tabs and wait and … all those stupid steps. So … you are all set.



The high quality format backup is entirely FREE. This is just super great. You really don’t need to pay a penny and can have every single of your photo selection and video clip being backed-up. How awesome is that 🙂



If data (here we mean photos and videos) are you main concern, you should really try to stick with an Android phone instead of an iPhone. We know that iPhone is FANTASTIC, is an awesome device, is great in so many ways … but it’s just like a super model girlfriend that you cannot let it go even if you know that she would somehow cause some harms down the road. Again, if value your data, try to pick the right device and approach … since there are trade-offs on every decision you make, you just need to make the call and stick with it.

We should all know that not only android phones break, iPhones go down a lot as well. Don’t believe us? just take some time and visit any Apple store near you and you will know. Those technicians going back and forth bringing a phone-sized box from back are replacing broken iPhones with brand new ones. How many a day Apple gives away all those new devices? Based on our observation (on normal Saturday alone), it’s more than one hundred (maybe hundreds) per store. Therefore, if you still wanna stick with the iPhone, you should choose iCloud and pay for the monthly subscription plan (really it isn’t bad though … it’s $0.99 USD per month for 50GB). If you don’t, you will risk losing all your content. Remember … “Not only Android, iPhone GOES DOWN TOO”.