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Wanna Have A Touchscreen Macbook Air?

Have you ever touched your Macbook Air screen when you wanted to switch apps or just wanted to do some tasks but … suddenly realized that … dang … it’s not working since … we don’t have the touchscreen macbook air yet (or any mac computers). We love our Macs (macbook, macbook air, macbook pro, and iMac) however, sometimes, we give a envy stare on someone who uses TOUCHSCREEN “Windows”. Well… for some reasons (personal or professional), some of us do NOT want to go back to the “Windows” world… so … what should we do? Will Apple make our dreams come true sooner than later? Or … Apple will just stick for another 2 ~ 3 years without implementing the touchscreen features on its Mac computer line since … it’s been doing pretty good so … why rush if they can still make so much money just by some minor improvements?

We Want It Now

Yes, you can have it now. When there are needs, there are solutions. No matter how hard it is, someone will come up with something to get what we want.

The “AIRBAR” for Macbook Air 13.3

That’s right. The “Airbar” will make our dream come true. Just play & “TOUCH”. It turns our macbook air into a touchscreen mac instantly … so … it’s like a iPad transformer after you mount the airbar onto it… a different look of an iPad but … an Macbook AirPad??? maybe 🙂

AirBar Key Features

It supports almost all the touchscreen main features on the iPad. Such as, 1) multi-finger support, 2) Move, pick and turn it all around, 3) Rotate, Pinch & Zoom, 4) Swipe, and 5) Scroll … etc.

So … what can you do? Or a more meaningful and useful question is that … what will it be like? … You can click the video clip and see it yourself,

Where Can I Buy?

You can buy it from its website ( or from Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, Walmart, Fry’s … etc… Oh… of course, you can purchase it from our recent favorite retailer – Target, as well. Do we need to mention that you can get 5% instant discount if you have a Target Red Card?

It’s $99 USD. However, if you purchase directly from the Airbar website, you will need to pay for the shipping which is $10 USD. Therefore, it’s better to purchase from it resellers. You can also find its resellers on its website here.

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