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You Thought You Have Enough Alexa? Not Yet…

When finally it’s time for us to think we all have enough “Alexa” (Amazon Echo Devices) especially we already have, at least, one echo dot in every single room of our house, well… it comes another brilliant extension (model). This time… Alexa will be with you everywhere you go on the road – The Anker “Roav Viva”, an Alexa Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger, will be available for every single car with the Bluetooth connectivity (and of course the car charger socket) on January 31 2018 (which is at the end of this month).

We Want Alexa Everywhere

You might say that … “well… but … we don’t need Alexa everywhere so we don’t need that.” That’s a truthful and correct statement. However, even if we don’t NEED but we WANT Alexa everywhere since she really simplifies tasks and also make our lives a bit more fun. Think of that … right now tens of millions of more places having the Alexa managing everything ranging from just setting up timer/alarms, on/off smart lights, to hand-free callings just during the last month alone (Amazon claimed sold tens of millions of Alexa powered devices)… so … back to our “Think of that scenario” … instead of turning on audio systems (or computers) to browse through musics and pick some of the songs you’d like to hear after you walk in the living room, you just whisper that “Alexa, Play Katty Perry music” then … voila… your favorite songs will be flowing everywhere in the living room. It’s really something.


But … in the Car?

Well… don’t believe us that you would like Alexa to be in your car as well? We all know that smartphone is cool and you can already do the hand-free calling through some in-car infotainment system built-in in most of the modern cars but … it really is not enough. How about if you wanna listen music? How about audio books? How about just ask questions? Navigation system?

It’s just so easy to just talk to Alexa and she will just jump in and take over instead of in danger yourself of pressing buttons and trying to get everything right while you should really be paying attention on the road. That’s right… “hands on the wheel and eyes on the road”. Also … the skills that Alexa has are just … incredibly useful. Let’s say you are just on the way home from work and you don’t wanna cook tonight. You can simply ask Alexa ordering pizzas for you so when you get back home, your delivery will be right in front of your door waiting. Cool! right?


Anker Roav Viva, a $49.99 Alexa Enabled Car Charger

We once thought to bring an Echo Dot with a Battery case in our vehicle… now… we don’t need that anymore… since it will add another layer of setup and it’s really not ideal of trying to figure out the charging situation for the battery. Now, the Roav Viva is going to be our goto solution for our in-car entertaining system setup. To be honest that we don’t use hand-free calling, navigation, or even hotspot in our cars even though our cars have the most modern infotainment system… the hassles of setting everything up, connect, and re-connect again every time when we get in and out the cars… it’s just too much. We opt-out just use our smartphones instead. However, if Alexa moves in (our vehicles), we will just abandon our smartphones (well… not totally though since the Roav Viva still connects to your smartphone) and enjoy our interaction with our beloved assistant “Alexa” via this intelligent Anker Roav Viva car charger.



Roav VIVA, Alexa Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger for In-Vehicle Navigation, Hands-Free Calling and Music Streaming (Spotify Available in Early 2018). For Cars with Bluetooth/Carplay/Android Auto Р$49.99