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Should/Should’t You Have Both Netflix & Amazon Prime Video Subscriptions?

You SHOULD NOT Because …

1) You only have 24 hours a day which split by variety of activities… the time left isn’t going to be enough for you to really enjoy both streaming services.

According to “Bureau of Labor Statistics“, Americans spend about 2.7 hours per day in average watching TV. Well… 2.7 hours, if you wanna argue, it’s enough for you to watch 7 episodes of 40 minutes long per episode tv show. Therefore, you might want to have both subscriptions. But… have you taken other activities in between into considerations? Are you going to just sit there watching 7 episodes non-stop?

2) Both Services Have Great Amount of Titles

We are only talking about the United States so … the data below are for United States only,

# of TV Shows

Netflix: 2,445
Amazon: 1,981


# of Movies

Netflix: 4,563
Amazon: 18,405

Assuming that you have tons of time per day for a year… you put time onto consuming those titles… let’s say 5 titles per day (note: for the TV shows… one title includes more than 1 episode… some might be more than 100 episodes… for instance, “Friends”… it has 10 seasons and each season contains more than 10 episodes)… you will be able to consume 1,825 titles per year. That’s also assuming that Netflix and Amazon don’t update their titles so … after couple of years (only movies… if including TV shows… it will take multiple times longer), you might be able to finish one of the streaming services movie titles.


You SHOULD Because …

1) They don’t have all of your favorite shows

In most cases, if one service has one particular popular title, the other won’t have that. For example, “Friends” TV show is extremely popular worldwide. Netflix secured the right to stream it so you won’t be able to find it on Amazon Prime. Also, “Psych” is another great example. It was on Netflix until Fall 2017. Amazon then secured the right to stream it. Therefore, if you would like to watch “Psych” (which has 8 seasons), you will need to have the Prime subscription to enjoy it then.


2) They Are Affordable

Even adding the cost of those two services together, it’s still cheaper than the basic cable TV monthly subscription cost which is usually around 30 bucks per month.

Amazon Prime (annually) is $99. If you don’t want to pay the whole year in advance, you can opt in paying $10.99 a monthly.

Netflix does not have the yearly subscription plan which might give you a bit discount. They have the monthly plans as follows,

As you can see that even after you add up two services (monthly fee), it is only at around 22 bucks (we use Amazon monthly fee and Netflix standard plan fee). Just compared the monthly cost with the most heard TV services in the U.S. as of today – Directv and Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum).

Cheapest TV Subscription (Monthly)
Directv: $35 USD
Spectrum: $29.99 (It’s a tv + internet + phone bundled price. If only tv, it’s even higher)

Well… we know that you can get some sports channels but … do you know that you can do that via Amazon prime or other streaming services as well? Of course, for consumers who don’t really into sports or news, Netflix + Amazon Prime Video solutions is much much much better and affordable than the traditional TV subscription. There is another thing that we bet you would enjoy if you choose Netflix (and/or Amazon) over the traditional tv service providersWith Netflix and Amazon, you can cancel services anytime and anywhere as long as you have the Internet connection. You don’t need to deal with endless “I will put you on hold for a minute” customer service reps and end up waiting for 30+ minutes. Also, you might need to be present to have them cut your services after you cancel the service. It’s frustrating and time-consuming to say the least.



So … should you or should you not to have both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video services?

You Should –¬† If you really have couple of the shows that you would like to enjoy at the same month, you should go ahead and have both services since the value would be up to your expectations.

You Should NOTIf you don’t, you should only choose one. Really… both of them are great so … pick one for a month and go for the other the next month to see which one you would like to stick. Maybe, by the end of the first 2 months, you just wanna have them both since the cost is really much much cheaper and the experience with them will be much much better than the situations you had with the traditional TV service providers.


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