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Ask Your Friends in Florida to Buy Lottery Tickets for You

It’s a lottery frenzy month beginning in the January 2018… after 23 continuous drawings with no jackpot winners, the Mega Millions got a single winner of its $450 grand prize yesterday. The ticket was sold in Florida (AGAIN). The winner will be able to get $281 million for Mega Millions. By the way, the winning ticket was purchased at a 7-Eleven convenience store in Port Richey and … it’s a quick pick ticket (meaning that it’s a computer randomly picked numbers ticket)… and this will direct us to one of the two topics of this post – “Lottery Tickets App” which we are planning to launch in a couple of days. We will discuss this for a bit later in this writing.


TWO Florida Winners in a row (in a week)

Mega Millions Lottery

Grand Prize (1/5/2018) – $450 Million – single winner (Florida)

The winning numbers were (five white balls) 28-30-39-59-70 & (one mega ball) 10.

2nd Prize (1/2/2018) – $1 Million plus the optional Megaplier (4x), $4 Millions won (Florida)

The winning numbers were (five white balls) 1-42-47-64-70 & (one mega ball) 22. In fact, there were 2 winners for the 2nd prize which is 1 Million dollars. The other sold in Ohio is a $1 million winner (no Megaplier).


Biggest lottery jackpots in U.S. history

You can dive into the “CNN Money” website to take a look at it. The 20 biggest jackpots in the U.S. history, Florida got 3 of them. No doubt about it… the biggest in the U.S. history which had accumulated jackpot to $1.6 Billion dollars (Powerball, Jan. 2017), there were 3 winning tickets sold. Florida got a piece of the pie (a 70-year-old from Melbourne Beach, Florida). The $590.5 million Powerball (in May 2013), 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie of Florida had the one-and-only winning ticket. And, $414 million Mega Millions (March 2014) also was claimed by The Florida Lottery as well. (Now, Florida added another one in the history book – Jan. 2018 $450 million Mega Millions.)


Luck? or Can be Predicted?

Based on the fact, it should be a pure luck since most of the winning tickets are computer generated (numbers) tickets. However, based on the mathematics, the chance of winning should be able to be lifted by algorithms based on the historical data. Well… for most of us, we shouldn’t bet our future (as well as fortune) mainly on the lottery but just see it as an entertaining event. Sure… it’s awesome (super AWESOME in fact), if we can be the lottery winner but if not, it’s not the end of the world. Put 2 bucks and having fun with it… and move on. Really… you cannot predict the winning numbers but there might be a way to lift the winning probability in a really fun way. That brings us to our Lottery app discussion.


What Would You Like to See in the Lottery App?

We already have some (and we are implementing them as we speak) but would like to know what you all have in mind. The purposes of it are going to be… First, increasing the winning chance and Second, having fun. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or any features that you would like to have, you can leave on the comment section below.



Happy Winning 🙂 – Another even higher grand prize lottery (Powerball, $570 Millions) is on for tonight.

Good luck & have fun ^_^