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Most Impressive Consumer Product Innovation in 2017

The most impressive consumer technology breakthrough in 2017 and made it to the market is “LG W7 ultra-thin OLED” (wall thin) TV. You’d wonder that “how thin could it be?”, “It’s still a tv … a tv should be a chunky and bulky one… no matter how thin it is … it’s still going to be an ugly heavy one”… well… this time, if you still have the traditional mindset towards “LG W7 ultrathin OLED” tv, you are WRONG. So … to answer your first question which is “How thin is the LG W7 ultrathin OLED TV?” … The answer is … “It’s thiner than your iPhone 7”. How about that… even thiner than the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X. That’s how impressive it is.


It’s about 3 quarters stack together. That’s how thin it is.


On The Wall without A tv wall-mount

Unlike traditional LED TV (which is already super thin in today’s standard) that weighs around 55 ~ 60 pounds (60 inches model), the “LG W7 ultrathin OLED TV” 65-inch model weighs just 18 pounds and the 77-incher weighs 27. So … you can literally mount the 65-inch model by using 3M’s picture frame hangers Adhesive Strip. Well… but you don’t need to do that since LG includes a special flush-mounting plate so you can easily mount it on the wall and if you wanna move it around, you can just easily peel it away from the wall and carry it around. That’s right… “peel” it away since it’s so thin so … it’s sort of giving us the feeling that you can just roll it over and bring it with you anywhere. In fact, the “roll it over” part isn’t true but you can definitely easily “bring it everywhere” if you’d like since it’s just so thin and so light. It totally changed consumers’ view towards TV (hardware-wise).


LG Defied “It Will Never Make It to the Market” Voice


The LG W7 ultrathin OLED TV was revealed at CES 2017

Usually when something this amazing and can dramatically change consumers’ consumption behaviors on one certain kind of consumer products, it usually wouldn’t make to the market… at least for a considerable time (2 ~ 4 years minimum). However, LG challenged the norm again and not only bring this wall thin tv to the market, the pricing point isn’t that unreachable as well. For the 65-inch model, the price is $7999.99. For the 77-inch model, it’s about $14999.99. (Since you might be able to get from variety of retail outlets either online or offline, the price may vary for quite bit… maybe up to $1,000+) So… where can you purchase this amazing innovation? You can buy from Best Buy and variety of retailers. Just head to to check the availability from all the retailers they list on their site.


Unboxing The Mind Bending Wallpaper TV

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