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5 Casual Games You Should Have in Your Pocket

Without a doubt that we are in a new information overwhelming era that our smartphones are just continuously feeding us things ranging from … well… everything. Don’t get us wrong… it’s a good thing to live in this era and it’s a great factor to have our almighty smartphone with us at all time. Think […]

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Five Note 8 Features You Should Know and Master

Since we talked about iPhone X yesterday, we should NOT ignore the Android King of the smartphone as of today – “Galaxy Note 8”. There is a reason why a lot of consumers voice for android phones and today we are going to give you 5 features on the King of Android that you should […]

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5 iPhone X Secretes You Need to Know

Ever since Apple announced the iPhone X, clamors/outcries have been around and getting louder every time when consumers cannot get the newly minted smartphone King work properly (e.g., when you needed the most, the Face ID just didn’t work… etc). Ok, we really need to admit that iPhone X is a fantastic phone in so […]

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Turn Any Android Phone Into An iPhone X with Those 2 Apps

Two days ago, we published an writing about how iPhone X peacefully ended the iPhone and Android phones war (you can take a look at it here – “Thanks To IPhone X – The IPhone And Android Phone War Is OVER“). That’s not a false statement and, really, … we aren’t exaggerating. iPhone X should […]

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Who is Apple’s $349 HomePod selling to?

We all heard of Apple’s version of smart speaker, Apple HomePod, will be available on Feb. 9th 2018 which is about 2 weeks from today. Also, we all know the price point is stiff compared with other smart speakers currently on the market such as Amazon Echo devices or Google Home devices. However, after we […]

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Thanks to iPhone X –  The iPhone and Android Phone War is OVER

We’d like to continue the thought of the iPhone X which is still the most discussed/talked smartphone out in the market today. Again, either it’s a revolutionized product, it remains to be seen; however, the impact that it brings to the table is huge. In fact, it just much bigger than Apple initially measured before […]

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3 iPhone X Features You Should Know and Master

Wether “iPhone X” is a revolutionize product like the original iPhone back in 2007, it’s up to a serious debate; However, we should all agree that it’s an well thought and well built “i-proudct” once again from Apple. Not only it get us a big screen iPhone but also it reduces the size so much […]

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On-Screen Fingerprint is Real – Vivo Released the X20 Plus UD

When most of the world is still arguing whether Apple’s FaceID solution is the best for the smartphone security mechanism or not, Vivo followed through and stick with its plan – they unveiled and released the X20 Plus UD, the world first on-screen fingerprint smartphone. In mid last year, Vivo showed the world their roadmap […]

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Most Elegant and Effective Translation Tool – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Instant On-Screen Translate

As we all know that information/knowledge flowing around without any boundaries; however, there are some limitations due to language differences. Thanks to modern tech that we can easily find proper translation tools to get jobs done. Google translate is an fantastic app to get this type of jobs done. This time, Samsung took it to […]

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Come On, Apple… You Must Be Either Super Smart Or Super Dumb

When we talk about Apple, we instantly link the image to the iPhone since that’s the hottest consumer gadget at all time and still the most wanted gadget around the globe. What’s make the iPhone this super popular? One of the most important traits is its “Camera“. And … what do we need the camera […]

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