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What If You Have Both “Alexa” & “Google Home”?

This really isn’t an “What if” question because most of tech enthusiasts have both devices… so … it’s kind of a common scenario these days especially after this year’s holiday season. Why? Because you can get a Google Home Mini for virtually “FREE” (Take a look at the Note as follows)



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Amazon Echo (Alexa)

To be honest… Alexa alone should be enough to handle all your smart home tasks as well as the most of the entertaining things you enjoy on the daily basis. However, there is ONE thing that she can’t do which is handling the most popular video network, YOUTUBE, in the world. In fact, Google has decided to pull its YOUTUBE service from all Amazon’s devices due to the feud between these two tech giants (it’s another story so … aren’t going there today).

1) Setting, Handling, & Controlling Smart Home

Believe it or not, Alexa is really widely supported by all smart home appliances/products manufacturers worldwide. In fact, if you are a smart home product manufacturer, you should make the Alexa (Amazon Echo) platform support your first and highest priority if you want to survive (and succeed).

Hence, if you have smart home products, it’s gonna be a smoother journey to let Alexa handle those tasks instead of the Big G smart speaker.


2) Entertaining – Amazon Music, Audible Books, 3rd-party music streaming services, Netflix… etc

Amazon Music:

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get the unlimited Amazon music service for FREE (it’s already included in your Prime membership). Although it’s not perfect, over million songs is a good plus to have. Try to streaming some X’mas music during this holidays to see if you would like it 🙂

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


Audible Books:

That’s right. If you have audible books in your account, you will be able to listen your audible books via echo devices as well. Sadly that you cannot pick and choose (meaning that tell Alexa to choose) which book you would like to listen to. Alexa will pick up the last book you were listening to and start from there.

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks


3rd-Party Music Streaming Services:

Such as Pandora and Spotify. If you aren’t a Prime member, you can still use Alexa to enjoy great music selections from Pandora and Spotify whether you are a paid member of those services or not. You just need to connect these services with your echo devices and after that… just ask Alexa to play music from either of those platforms.



That’s right. You can but you need to have a fire tv device to directly ask Alexa streaming Netflix content to your big screen tv. Well… it’s a bit setup but … once it’s done, just ask and Alexa will take care of your TV stuff too 🙂

3) Search

It’s based on the Microsoft BING network. It’s not as good as Google but it can give you pretty much everything you need to know.


Google Home

This is only based on our experience so far… so … if you disagree with it, you can leave your comments below.

1) Smart Home — Not recommend

It’s getting there… more and more smart home manufacturers start supporting Google Home platform AFTER they already supported Amazon Echo Devices. However, it’s still not that intuitive and sometimes… buggy so … Not recommend if you have Amazon echo devices along with Google Home devices… you should choose Alexa over Google Home on this front.

2) Entertaining – Google Play Music, Youtube, 3rd-party music streaming services, Netflix… etc

Google is a clear winner on this turf. The music selections are much greater and better especially you have a choice to streaming musics directly from Youtube platform… this is just unbeatable.

The 3rd-party music platform support is just like echo devices… it’s pretty easy and straightforward. Once you set them up, you can start enjoy music from Pandora and Spotify.


Like Amazon echo devices which need to have another gadget, Amazon Fire TV device, to be able to stream Netflix contents; Google Home devices need to work with Chromecast devices to get Netflix contents directly onto your big screen TV.


It’s like Netflix contents, you can give Google Home voice commands and start streaming Youtube contents right on your big screen tv. Just set it up and ask “OK, GOOGLE. Play Inside the MBA from Youtube to Living room TV”… it will pick the most recent “Inside the MBA” video and start streaming. Also, if you already watched the most recent video, it will stream the next one for you… pretty smart, isn’t it? 🙂

3) Search

Do we need to say anything on this topic? Google is and has been dominating “SEARCH” for more than 2 decades… and it’s still the clear champion on this front … so … just ask and you will get what you want.



Smart HomeAmazon Echo Devices (Alexa)
EntertainingGoogle Home Devices (However, if you cannot live with Amazon Prime Video service, it’s another story)
SearchGoogle Home Devices


So … which one should you choose?

Put smart home setups aside (of course, certain brands only support one platform so … you need to choose based on that… other than that … meaning if all the smart home products you have supported by both platforms… you can neglect the smart home part since … it’s just between an easier setups and more complex one), if you really wanna have Amazon Prime Video services to be able to be controlled by your smart speaker, you should choose Amazon echo devices. If you cannot live with Youtube services, you should go with Google Home devices.

And … if you have both…

You should set up your smart home with Alexa and your entertaining with Google Home devices since … you will get the best services from both platforms.