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iPhone – Storage Almost Full

If you are an iPhone user, you must have seen this beforethis often happens when you need the space the most … for instance, on your kid’s birthday party when you were just taking a video of him giving wishes and blowing the candles. Or … when you were on a field trip with your child and you wanted to take a great photo of him/her with his/her besties. When the message showed, you almost threw your phone onto the wall (or a big rock or just on the group and stomp on it)… we know … because … we had that moment (or … should we say “moments”?) too.

Now … X’max is coming … holiday seasons are the time of the year that you would take the most photos and videos ever. All those precious moments are going to be living with you forever ever to give you happiness and to get back to the past on the memory land from all those digital files. What if … “Storage Almost Full” happens again? What if when your kids are opening gifts and you are taking videos and … boom… “Storage Almost Full” shows on your beloved iPhone right then? Trust us, we know this too… because … we had been there … and … it’s not only iPhone but happens to Android users as well if you don’t have any backup/sync gadgets with you to be at reach.

Today, we are going to give you 5 little tiny adorable little guys that can save you from this situation… most importantly, you will be able to have all the precious moments you would like to have when the time comes.

1) USB Flash Drives for iPhone 32GB Pen-Drive Memory Storage, G-TING Jump Drive Lightning Memory Stick External Storage, Memory Expansion for Apple IOS Android Computers (Gold) – $31.86

2) Lightning Flash Drive For iPhone ,Suntrsi Pen Drive Lightning Memory Stick External Memory Storage OTG Flash Drive Compatible to iPhone,iPad,iPod,Mac,Android and PC (32G Silver) – $29.99

3) Geekgo SD Card Reader,Micro SD USB Memory Card Reader Adapter Viewer for iPhone iPad Android Mac – Supports Lightning Micro USB OTG 3 in 1 (Black) – $18.86

4) KALENI USB Flash Drives 32GB,Thumb Drive USB 3.0 Memory Stick External Storage Expansion for iPhone iPad iPod iOS Android PC New MacBook,with Extended Lightning USB Type c OTG Pen Jump Drive Adapter – $34.68

5) MIFFO Card Reader 4 in 1 with USB 3.0 Stick Micro USB Type C Lightning Connector, Micro SD Card,TF Flash Memory Card Reader for iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Android Phone (Silver) – $13.77



So … couple dollars can give you ecstatic moments forever, why not? right? Also, as you can see that you have choices of embedded memory in the gadget or you can expand memory with it (meaning that you can insert memory card into the gadgets and start using it). Give the #4 & #5 gadgets a look. They look similar, right? Well… for the #4, it has the built-in 32GB memory with it; therefore, it’s more expensive. It’s convenient but you don’t have the freedom to expand the memory yourself. For the #5, it does not include the built-in memory but you can insert 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB cards in it (*Support 8G~ 128G Micro SD card,TF card). So … in a split second, your 16GB iPhone can become a 144GB iPhone…wow… that’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?