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OK GOOGLE… We Tried But … It’s Just Not Going To Work

Updated on December 5th, 2017 @14:00

——————————— Updated Info ————————————————————–

Don’t know if it’s because our post somehow got attentions from someone who is in charge of the “Walmart + Google” program or the timing was just that perfectly matched… after we posted this article yesterday, Walmart significantly increased its offerings on Google Express platform. It went from a meager product list to, at least, matching up with other players (e.g., Target).


You can see that the product offerings of “body lotion or face lotion” as well as the “strawberry jelly” which we mentioned on the post got a weighty boost. Take a look at the following images.


It’s a great start for Walmart as well as for consumers who have the faith in the “Walmart + Google” partnership or just have a faith in Walmart along. The competition is fierce but Walmart really has a chance here.We will see if the product list will get longer by the end of this week. 


So … folks, you can keep your Google Home Mini if you purchased yours from Walmart since you CAN REALLY DO the VOICE SHOPPING on Google Express from Walmart now. 


Happy Voice Shopping 🙂 



we scaled down the images since we would like to show the quantity of the product offerings.
Strawberry Jelly from Walmart —> went from only 3 to, at least, good enough level (@14:00 December 5, 2017)

Strawberry Jelly from Target (@14:00 December 5, 2017)


Lotion from Walmart —> went from ONLY 2 to HUNDREDS (@14:00 December 5, 2017)

The quantity of the offerings are huge so we didn't take the image which contains them all. The image below is just the first page of it.

Lotion from Target (@14:00 December 5, 2017)

The quantity of the offerings are huge so we didn't take the image which contains them all. The image below is just the first page of it.


[The above are updated info @1400 @December 5, 2017]


It’s a great concept and a great implementation to a degree but … it’s not working… at least … with Walmart. Oh… we are talking about “Voice Shopping” with Google Express.

Ever since Google introduced its adorable Google Home mini, the ambition of the “BIG G” is pretty clear that … Amazon is its most formidable competitor (arguably the only one) in the entire universe. However, there is no sign that the “BIG G” can even slow the “SMILE A” (a.k.a down on so many fronts especially on the smart home integration, e-commerce, voice shopping, and … soon to be everywhere Smily Face Amazon. In the meantime, Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world, is struggling on the online shopping turf. It does not have enough ammo to even compete with Amazon so … the potential partnership emerged and formed. Google and Walmart formed an ally to compete with (we have an article on this – “Google + Walmart > Amazon ?”)

Holiday Season Shopping Push

“Walmart + Google” gave everyone an hope that … maybe … maybe… there is someone who can, at least, slow the “BIG A” down for a bit. And … the “BIG W & BIG G” gave a big push on the voice shopping front. They offered (the offer is still ongoing if you still would like to get it) a Google Home Mini for only $29 USD “PLUS”… if you purchase the Google Home Mini from Walmart, you will get up to $25 off a Walmart order through Google Express. Such a good deal, right? If you counts it correctly, the Google Home mini only costs you 4 bucks. Wow… who wouldn’t wanna get it? So … we went ahead and got 2 of them.


Great Experience On Asking For Products But … Astoundingly Bad On Products Availability

Let’s talk about Walmart specifically then … we will move on the others next. So … in order to only pay 4 bucks for the Google Home mini, you need to take advantage of the Google Express shopping with Walmart by using its $25 coupon. Therefore, we went ahead and started the highly anticipated Google Express voice shopping journey. It took us more than 6 hours (combining with the search using laptops, tablets, and smartphones) to finally announce that it’s not gonna work. We aren’t gonna even keep the Google Home mini(s). It’s on the way back to Walmart for sure.

So … what’s the problem here? The problem is that … you cannot find things you really want. On the Walmart’s Google voice shopping page, it claims that you can shop “millions of Walmart products with Google Home”… in fact, it’s not even a fraction of that which you can really find on Google Express. Whatever you ask, it either gives you products you never heard of (or you don’t want) or just simply let you know that it couldn’t find the match for the product you ask. It’s just super frustrating. In the end, we feel like fools who wasted 6+ hours on trying to just “BUY things like face lotion or body lotion”.


It’s Great If You Only Wanna Buy Something To Save $25 Towards Google Home Mini Purchase Cost

Sure, you can still “BUY SOMETHING”… like a waffle maker for $29 and add another product to make the total purchase over $35 USD to avoid the shipping charge. Or … anything which you may or may not use to take advantage of this $4 USD Google Home deal. However, the whole shopping journey was just too awful to bear (at least to us), it’s really not worthy of doing that.

Really… it’s a good deal if you just wanna have a Google Home mini with a very low cost of owning it. Just buy something from Walmart. Don’t try to find something you want or need. Just look for some household supplies (although you can get better deals from CostCo or somewhere else for most of the items you can find on “Google Express”) and be done with it. If you try to locate things you would like to have, you will end up spend endless hours on it and still be disappointed.


What Went Wrong? It’s Google Express That Bad?

Well… it’s not because Google Express is bad but because, somehow, Walmart doesn’t put enough products on Google Express platform (although the partnership of them made the biggest splash in the past few months). For instance, you can buy so many great products from Target on Google Express but not from Walmart. Just giving an example here. Not only you can find so many different body lotions and face lotions, you can really buy just type “strawberry jelly” on the search field to search on Walmart via Google Express than … compare the result with what you can get from Target which is also on Google Express platform. The result is just … well… we will leave it for you to judge. Just take a look at the following images. We make the Target result much smaller because it has much more products you can purchase than Walmart offers (only 3).

Strawberry Jelly result from Walmart

Strawberry Jelly result from Target


The Other Flaw On Google Express

Ever since Google decided to cancel the membership fee ($10 for monthly members and $95 for annual members) in August this year, you won’t automatically qualify for the free shipping when purchasing via Google express. You have to have a total over $35 in your cart to avoid the shipping charge. AND…. the shipping charge is “PER STORE” instead of “per transaction”. Meaning that if you decide to shop on Google Express and you put one $10 product from Walmart to your cart and another $15 product from Target to your cart, you will need to pay for two shipping charges… one is from Walmart and the other is from Target. Unless… you order over $35 worthy of products from both stores. This flaw alone would discourage lots of consumers to try buying things from Google Express. Why bother? if we have a much much much better choice from the “BIG A” –


Should You Even Try Google Express?

If you can find things you would like to buy and also avoid charges, you should since you will get $10 off your first Google Express order if you click the link here. It’s a referral link so … if you click the link to start shopping on Google Express, you will get a $10 Google Express credit at checkout and we will get referral credit. So … take advantage of it if you can find things you want. For instance, if your into smart home, you can purchase “WEMO Wi-Fi Smart Plug 2 Pack” from CostCo. It’s only $42.79 from CostCo. The price on Amazon for only 1 piece is $34.97. So … if you use your $10 off promotion on this order (must be the very first Google Express order of yours), the cost of the 2 pack smart plugs is only $32.79 USD. It’s a steal, isn’t it?

If you still wanna purchase the wemo smart plug from Amazon instead of CostCo through Google Express, you can click the following link,

Wemo Mini Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Enabled, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant