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Mainstream Tech in 2017

Today we are going to talk a bit about tech which wasn’t really that much of adoptions in 2016 but it leapfrogged to the top spot in the industry in 2017. Without further ado, let’s get on it.   Smart Speaker Of course, the first and foremost… “Smart Speaker” should be on the spotlight right […]

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Apple Follows Up for The iPhone Slowdown Issue, Offers $29 Battery Replacements Till December 2018

As we all know that Apple deliberately slows down older generation iPhones (some of them aren’t that old… such as the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus), it has stirred so much buzzes and caused so much troubles for Apple so far. There are 12 ongoing cases (the number is still rising) against Apple as […]

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Bad Wi-Fi Coverage? Smart Gadgets Come to Rescue :)

The topic should be self-explanatory already. The reason behind today’s post is because we have been receiving emails asking about how to improve home wifi signals especially your place is a multi-stories structure. It’s true that you aren’t be able to just use one wifi-router to (well) cover all the areas in your place if […]

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What If You Have Both “Alexa” & “Google Home”?

This really isn’t an “What if” question because most of tech enthusiasts have both devices… so … it’s kind of a common scenario these days especially after this year’s holiday season. Why? Because you can get a Google Home Mini for virtually “FREE” (Take a look at the Note as follows) FREE GOOGLE HOME MINI […]

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

It’s X’mas 🙂. All the tech news and stuff aren’t gonna be on the spotlight and will not (also shouldn’t) be on the spotlight since … it’s the day for the family, it’s the day for the sharing & caring, it’s the day for the joyfulness, and it’s the day for thankfulness with people who […]

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Final Check, Last Minute Saver – Target Store Orders Pick up

It’s finally here – X’mas eve … and … it’s time to do the final check on your gift list to see if you really have everything for everyone you plan to see beautiful smiles on their faces when you give them gifts. “WHAT? I forgot to get my nephew a gift?” … this happens […]

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Understand the Bitcoin Myth Part 2 – How the Unit of the Cryptocurrency is Generated?

We posted the article of “Blockchain Is NOT Cryptocurrency“ last week and mentioned that we would get into other common questions which aren’t that easy to be comprehended in plain English later on… so … we decided to name that article the “Understand the Bitcoin Myth Part 1” and, today, we are going to present […]

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One Gift Short? No Problem – Order It & Pick It Up In Store Right Away

Today is Friday & if you haven’t gotten your gifts ready for whatever reasons, you should be a bit worried since … as almighty as Amazon is, they might not be able to help in some cases (e.g., out of stock, lack of options, 2-days shipping only… etc.). In some metropolitans, you might still have […]

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