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What’s Tablet? — It’s “iPad”

The One and Only King of the Tablet When we deem a specific company product name an equivalent of a technology (breakthrough or general term), you know that that product won the “WAR” already. Ever since the introduction of the iPad back in 2010, Google has been trying hard to push Android version of Tablets […]

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Green Monday? Another Big ONLINE Shopping Day :)

It’s Green Monday Today. And most of us should be asking that “What’s Green Monday?” We all know the “Cyber Monday” and it’s the biggest online shopping day of the year without any doubts. However, the “Green Monday” is getting more and more attention lately. So … what’s “Green Monday”? According to Wiki, ” Green […]

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Happy Holidays – Good Deals All Season Long

It’s been a very very very interesting change over the past 3 ~ 4 years. The Black Friday Sale was once the very rare and religious event for everyone. People lined up a week or even 2~3 weeks before the Black Friday doorbuster began back in (prior 2012 or 2013) 2012. Now, you barely see […]

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5 Best Tech Toys For Kids – Time To Get X’mas Gifts Ready

It’s the time of the year again. Although we all were into the “Black Friday” & “Cyber Monday” shopping spree for a while (nowadays it’s, at least, a week long shopping event worldwide), we certainly still have couple of things to take care of. Now it’s time for the kids not for adults… “Black Friday” […]

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Target Offers The BEST Mobile Shopping Experience – Not Amazon

When talking about e-commerce, Amazon is always on the top of everyone’s mind. It does not matter which turf we are talking about, Amazon should be the best of the best, right? Well… Amazon did (or had been) until this Holiday season. Target quietly (and swiftly … not like Walmart has been making huge buzzes) […]

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Time to Dress Up Your Lovely Alexa ^_^

Just forget about the feud between Google and Amazon for a second here (… Google Pulled Youtube service from Amazon Fire devices… and Amazon just doesn’t support its Prime videos on Chromecast… also, Amazon refuses to sell Google Home devices or Chromecast on… well… if you wanna know a bit latest news about this, […]

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Wireless == Happiness

After years of wireless charging technology wildly implemented on almost all high-end Android phones, Apple finally decided it’s time to get its deeply beloved iPhones (that’s right because Apple released two new iPhones this year – iPhone 8 & iPhone X) into the wireless charging game arena. Now … Apple users don’t need to deal […]

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iPhone – Storage Almost Full

If you are an iPhone user, you must have seen this before… this often happens when you need the space the most … for instance, on your kid’s birthday party when you were just taking a video of him giving wishes and blowing the candles. Or … when you were on a field trip with […]

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OK GOOGLE… We Tried But … It’s Just Not Going To Work

Updated on December 5th, 2017 @14:00 ——————————— Updated Info ————————————————————– Don’t know if it’s because our post somehow got attentions from someone who is in charge of the “Walmart + Google” program or the timing was just that perfectly matched… after we posted this article yesterday, Walmart significantly increased its offerings on Google Express platform. […]

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