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Bitcoin Surges Again – North of $10,000 USD Already

We aren’t preparing to talk about Bitcoin today since … too much discussions on this topic already. Simply Google “Bitcoin”, you will get gazillion info from it. Much of them are just buzz and … it will continue to be no matter it keep surging or sudden crashes for no reason.


Will Bitcoin Keep Rising?

No one knows really… and … most people hope it will keep rising and rising and never stop since we are witnessing a historical moment in the modern human history of a financial phenomenon … it’s on the history book already and it keeps turning new pages daily.

In our opinion (take a look at what we wrote here which we mentioned that it will definitely reaches $10,000 USD – “Bitcoin Hits New Record High – $8,101.91”) it will still rise for another $2,000 to $3,000 … but … after that … it’s a dangerous territory to touch. The are variety of reasons for that … however, we are going to refer you to an article in the next paragraph.


Is Bitcoin A Form of A Monetary System?

If so … it should be defined by three characteristics: (as from

1) A storehouse of value.
2) A unit of account.
3) A medium of exchange.

As you can see from the CNBC article that Bitcoin fails on all three counts and, really, no one knows “WHAT THE BITCOIN REALLY IS?” or “What the Bitcoin is really for?” … A lot of under-table transactions… a lot of illegal money laundering in a legal sense (in Bitcoin’s way)… Just like many investors (one of them is Mark Cuban) mentioned that … you can invest in Bitcoin, no one is voting against that. However, you should only invest in the amount which you are preparing to lose … meaning that … when you suddenly lose all those money that you invest in this highly volatile asset, it won’t hurt you financially to a degree that your life cannot go on.


Mark Cuban: Here’s how and when to put your money in bitcoin


Is Bitcoin in A Bubble?

We aren’t experts on this but … in a very simple (and also stupid/straightforward) way of thinking … you just compare Bitcoin with other assets on the market as of today. You will get a sense thatit’s on the brink of the melt down … it will happen but … the point is when. The line between a successful investor and a bust is … to know when to get out. Is now a time to get out? Well… for most of the investors (if they already make big fortune of it), it’s not the time. However, for others… it certainly is not a good time to jump in.