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Time To Go Outside, Folks

It’s sad but true that we all want to spend more time outdoor but we really spend most of our time with our gadgets in reality. Nowadays, this situation is getting worse among kids since … most parents rely heavily on their gadgets to babysit their child. For instance, dinning out and put an iPhone into kids’ hands to get them attached and then … parents can have a nice dinner. This isn’t just a rare occasion, this becomes a silently socially approved norm for parents to do. Today, we are going to provide you 5 things that you can get your kids hooked without having smartphones (or any tech gadgets in general) involved. By doing so, it will help your kids develop skills which they can be more sociable and also it’s really a healthier way to raise them.

1) Paint or Color something

You will be amazed how your kids will react with this activity. Most kids like to paint or color something. Their brains are unshaped, unorthodox… so … they have so much to imagine and so much stuff they would like to share through painting or coloring to bring their creativity to live.


2) Give Your Kid Real Books to Read

No matter how convenient it is to have books on the iPad or kindles, it’s just cannot be compared when you put a real book on your palms and start reading it. You might consider the cost of owning a physical book is higher than owning a digital book on your gadgets. Well… it’s true that owning a physical book usually is more expensive than just getting a digital version of it. However, there are ways that you can help develop your kids’ reading behaviors, enjoy the real books on their hands, and also avoid the high cost of owning real books. For instance, going to a library. Another benefit of giving your kids physical books to read is that … it will help get your kids smarter. Do you know that reading can boost your brain power? Take a look at an article here, “8 Science-Backed Reasons to Read a (Real) Book”.

3) Sports

Help your kids get involved into sports is another great way to raise them in a more healthier manner. No matter which sport you choose, it will just provides a better way of strengthen your relationship with your child and also it will cut their time of getting attached with all those tech gadgets around. Some cases show that … once kids get hooked with sports, they actually intentionally spend less time on smartphones or tablets. It’s not because they became dislike technology but it is because that they became more sociable… meaning that they like to spend more time with “real” human beings rather than stay in front of the screens.


4) Playing Music

It’s just like getting hooked with sports, handing your kids musical instruments will play the same magic role as playing sports as well. It will stimulate your kids creativity and imaginability to the world. Not only your kids will be able to stay away a bit more from screens but also it is another skill that everyone would like to have. Did we mention that … you can put that on the application when you try to get your kids into a good school? Needless to mention that there are so many benefits of playing music … such as “Increases the capacity of your memory”. You can get more information from the article here, “18 Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument”.

5) Baking/Cooking

Well… it’s not actually teach your child to cook. We are talking about spending time with your kids making some easy snacks. For instance, the easiest one is to get some fruits and make some fruit smoothies. Also, since most kids like sweets, it’s a very very very great way to bond with your kids by baking some cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, … all sorts of great treats that you can easily buy ingredients from supermarkets. For example, a box of chocolate cookies ingredient is about 1 buck or two. A box of brownie mix ingredients is about the same price. Get couple boxes of them, you will be able to spend the whole Saturday afternoon baking and talking with your kids. Awesome, isn’t it? ^_^



Go ask your kids put down any tech gadgets they are currently using now and … pick one of the above 5 things we mentioned and start bonding with your kids. Remember that … as a parent, we can actually help our child develop a better routine and help them grow healthier and much more happier. The only way to achieve that is to … “JUST DO IT”. 🙂