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One Week With iPhone X – the Good & the not so Good

It’s been over a week since the new iPhone (the iPhone X) was released and … it’s time to give some opinions based on this one week long honeymoon time with the iPhone X. Before we start, just wanna be clear that this isn’t an iPhone X review since there are tons of very very very long and detailed iPhone X reviews circulating the web already, we aren’t going to do that. This is just a very brief opinions of what we like about the iPhone X also something we might not like that much about it.


The Notch On The Top

This is just so interestingly being addressed and mocked by Samsung (fast forward to 0:53 to see the hair style of an Apple fan boy waiting inline… believe us, you will have a smile on your face when you see that ^_^).

Truth is that … after using it for about a week, this seemingly annoying notch really doesn’t bother us at all. Sure, you will notice that once in a while but it’s just a “notch” there. For some fans, it might be a signature of the “NEW iPHONE”. Since … the iPhone signature “home button” has been removed, the notch is a nice indicator to show people that they are using a NEW iPhone which is iPhone X… not an iPhone 3G/3GS (really … it looks like iPhone 3G/3GS from the front if you put the size aside).


The Form Factor

Yes, it has 5.8″ screen but because of the bazel-less design, it has a much smaller form factor compared with iPhone 8 Plus and the king of android phones, Galaxy Note 8. When you put it on your palms, it feels like it’s just half the size of the iPhone 8 Plus (or the Note 8). It’s easier to grab and to use. For instance, you can really use one hand to take photos while you are doing the video recordings. You cannot do that if you use the iPhone 8 Plus or the Note 8. In addition, it’s easier to fit into your pocket. You won’t be asked about … “what’s the stuff in your pocket?” when you just stuff the Note 8 (or iPhone 8 plus) inside of your favorite jeans’ pocket.


The Gesture Based Operations

We were worried about the new gesture based operations for the iPhone X… because… the home button is just so integrated into iPhone users lives. Without the home button, how can we conveniently unlock the phone? how can we navigate through apps? how can we …….?

There are just so many unknowns here when we think of how to use the new iPhone without an home button. We thought that we would miss the home button but the truth is … not that much. To us, the home button is the “HOME” button … which is the button to get us back to the home screen primarily. Also, another use is to double click to navigate through recent apps.

It’s Thoroughly Thought Through and Well Executed

We were worrying about that we might fall into the Android virtual home button clumsy scenario. If you used an android virtual buttons before, you know that… it’s annoying sometimes… especially when you are doing something else but want to (or need to) navigate through apps… e.g., driving. It’s hard to accurately press those buttons and also … hard to navigate through apps… even if the King of the android phones, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, as of today does NOT solve this clumsiness of the use of the virtual buttons.

On the contrary, Apple implemented it via a more accurate and humane approach. You won’t miss press buttons since… the gestures Apple implemented on the iPhone X aren’t only press gestures… they are swipe gestures as well. The other reason makes navigating through apps much more easier on the iPhone X is that the virtual home bar on the bottom is wide enough for you to precisely touch it and swipe up (or up and left/right) to get jobs done. It won’t activate when you mis-touch that area since you need to have other gestures (to bring it to life) which is a long press plus a swipe.

So … compared with the old home button way, which one is better? After a week of use, we are convinced that the new way with the gesture based implementation is way smoother and better. Also, it’s safer when you need to navigate apps while you are driving (not recommend … really … don’t use your phone while you are driving).


What We Hope iPhone X Could Have

The finger print sensor on the screen or on the back. Don’t get us wrong… the “face ID” works well… since we don’t have the twins problems (take a look at the videos above – from mashbale), the face ID works fine for us. It’s accurate and fast … but … sometimes, we just hope that when we pick up our phone, we can instantly put our finger on a sensor and it just unlock the phone.

Also, you are only allowed to set up one face ID so … if you are intending to have an iPhone X accessed by multiple users, it’s SUPER ANNOYING… you need to input passcode each and every single time if you aren’t the face ID owner of the phone.


So … Should You Get It?

Put the price tag aside, we are convinced that the iPhone X is a worthy upgrade from previous iPhones including iPhone 8 (and 8 plus). The form factor is in a much more comfortable size range which you really can operate it in one hand. Furthermore, the gesture based operations are not only smoother but also easier to get things done. Yup, Apple once again went one step further to make the impossible possible. Meaning that the gesture based operations are complicated but they packed it inside of their product and make it just simply works. We gave our phones to little kids and they had no problem at all of using it … just like all the previous iPhones. We tried to put android phones to little kids hands (age under 7), they really prefer not to use it (android phone) if they have the choice between an iPhone and an android phone.