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The Cookies Aren’t “THE COOKIES”

Have you ever wondered why a minute after you looked for a blender on, your facebook feeds started showing up all kinds of blenders ads? Or … after you just type smart lights on your browser’s search bar, Amazon ads of smart lights products popping up everywhere you surf?

That’s “THE COOKIE” which was designed to hold your browsing information for websites that you visited. Rather, it’s an HTTP cookie which you can think it as a container that is sent to your computer and being stored inside of your computer when you visit a website where it uses this HTTP cookie technology to store and retrieve the data including browsing history, button clicks, … etc. from your computer to their servers.

Simply put that … when you visit a website (let’s use Facebook as an example), it inserts cookies into your computer. The cookies start tracking your Internet activities and send those data back to Facebook. Hence, after you surf through, Facebook will know what you are looking for on Therefore, Facebook will push relevant ads to your facebook feeds. That’s how the creepy magic which is that Facebook (or Amazon, or Google, … etc.) is watching me 24/7 created.

Wanna know more about how (and when) HTTP cookies being created and how it’s used. Also the history about “THE COOKIES”? You can click here to read more from Wikipedia.


Can You DELETE or even Disable the Http Cookies?

Yes, you can. It’s your computer so, of course, you can do that. In fact, all the legal website in Europe are required to disclose the HTTP cookies technology when you visit their sites first time.

Although you can disable HTTP cookies feature, it’s not recommended. Why? Since a lot of modern web technology rely on this feature, if you disable it… the interaction with certain sites aren’t going to work properly. For instance, if you shop on (almost all the U.S. households do now), you need to have the HTTP cookies and sessions feature being enabled. If you disable HTTP cookies on your browser, you won’t be able to use their shopping cart properly since they won’t be able to track which item you already put inside of your shopping cart.


How to Delete Http Cookies?

Since cookies are inserted into your browser(s), the deleting process is varied (based on which browser you use). We are going to refer to another source on the Internet to teach you how to delete cookies on chrome, firefox, safari, and IE.

How to delete cookies from Digital Trend


How to Disable Cookies?

As we mentioned that this is NOT recommended but … if you want to, you can.

How to disable cookies in your browser from


Ok… now we are done talking about “THE COOKIES”, we are going to get some real cookies to enjoy our Saturday morning tea time ^_^


Cheers~~~! See you all in the next post 🙂