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You’ve Got A Mail!

The title might let you remember the movie “You’ve Got Mail” in 1998 and … it’s true that the technology has changed human beings’ lives that much. From urging to stay connected online to finding a way to disengage from the always connected technology today. Yup… “you’ve got a mail” follows you 24/7 in your pocket.


5 Things Technology Has Changed In Our Lives

1) Notebook/Reminders/Calendar — Birthday reminders

Facebook is the king here. Before facebook, your best bet was Google Calendar. If rolling the time further back, it’s the annual calendar/notebook/reminder that you purchased from Target or Walmart each and every single year. After Facebook, no one remembers anyone’s birthdays except their spouses (hopefully) and children. Well… everyone knows by now that receiving a “happy birthday” messages on Facebook means nothing but … well… your friends are on facebook on your birthday too.


2) Photos

Who is still getting physical photos once in a while if not never? That’s right… almost all the physical photos are gone from our daily lives. We used to have REAL photo albums at home but now… either on Facebook or Instagram. Oh… not to mention that Google Photos has very impressive market share on this turf as well. After all, who can beat the convenience of having the access to any photos in our lives anytime we would like to? Digital is the way to go, folks.


3) Caving in Library Doing Research

“GOOGLE” ALL THE WAY. After the “Google God” invention, everyone can find almost everything on their fingertips instantly. For the elementary kids, homework is asking when did the World War II start and end? Well… “OK, GOOGLE, when did the World War II start and end?” Simply just repeat the question to Google and, Voila, you got your answer in milliseconds.


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4) Shopping

“Laziness” is always the virtue that human beings possess to push the innovation moving forward. So… who can beat which provides us this super convenient way of shopping? Sitting or lying at home… fingertip swipe/flip through millions of products … one click … Bang … a day or two days or even just hours later… the products that you just purchased are at your front door. Don’t like what you purchased? Returning for exchange or for the refund is just as easy as purchasing products on


5) Communication

Do you still remember that you needed to calculate how many minutes you still have on your wireless plan each and every single month? Now… not only most of the wireless plans offer unlimited minutes, but also … unlimited Internet data (yup… unlimited data made its way back… thanks to T-Mobile’s un-carrier moves). Rather asking ourselves that how many of us really are still using the minutes that often? Not so many, right? Most of us are gone from using the minutes (talking) to using Internet data (texting, VoIP, … ). Also, the way of texting has gone from the traditional texting to so called disappearing texting (TigerText started but SnapChat got the spotlight).


What’s Next?

Believe or not, “self-driving” car domination isn’t that far as you thought. It’s going to be all over the streets sooner than later. Possibly in a year or two , the car ownership will be totally disrupted and … maybe… no one wants to own a car anymore. Have we mentioned the Tesla’s “GRAND PLAN” to rule the world? … we will write a post to entertain you all very soon 🙂