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Don’t Understand How Computers Work? One Graphic Teaches You All

This is a super funny graphic describing how the computer works very well. We think that it’s worthy to put it here for our audiences to appreciate this work of art ^_^


Computer History

It’s really not that long. It’s just about 80 years old but it changes everything from how we live, how we think, how we work, how we do things, and how we value things in our daily lives. Think of that, if you are told that all the computing power including the Internet access will be shut down worldwide for one day tomorrow… how panic would you be?

If you wanna know a bit more about the computer history, you can go to to check out more interesting facts. Just to see how the computers involves from the size of literally a house to a can of soda which fits into your palm is astonishing.


Here is a timeline of the computer history in video format,


History Of The Computer Documentary

If you would like to know a bit deeper of it, here is the “History Of The Computer Documentary”. Enjoy ^_^