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Video Streaming Services For Free

Ever since Netflix brought us the unlimited movies and tv shows couple of years back, the video streaming service became a necessity of main stream consumers’ daily lives. There are variety of video streaming service selections on the market that we can choose from… ranging from free to premium services… which one should we get? how many services should we get? are the provided value worth the price tag? … We are going to talk through all this question marks today.



Of course, we need to start with the “King” of the video streaming service on the market today. Not only Netflix revolutionize the mainstream media content consumption behavior, but also it created an entirely nonexistent market, causal TV consumers, to serve with. If you wanna know Netflix’s history, you can click here.


You can see the pricing chart which starts from $7.99 USD a month. Most people choose the “STANDARD” package which gives you HD quality videos and also can consume 2 screens at the same time (meaning that you can have two devices streaming videos from the same Netflix account simultaneously).



Netflix offers more than 1,000+ TV shows and 4,300+ movies. In fact, the offering list is changing monthly since the deals they are making with film/media studios are constantly rolling in and phasing out. Therefore, the shows you are watching this month might not be available on their platform next month.

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Amazon Prime Video

When we talk about Netflix, we cannot skip the Amazon Prime Video which is a major competitor of Netflix in this turf. Amazon Prime video service offers not only FREE prime videos but also PAID tv shows and movies as well (unlike Netflix that all shows and movies are free on its platform). The difference is due to the nature of the core businesses that the two companies are riding on. Amazon is a e-commerce platform; therefore, its nature is to “sell” consumers products. Hence, they have the advantage and won’t skip this opportunity to sell everything they can sell on any front they can be residing in.


$8.99 USD a month (paid monthly) or $99 USD a year (paid yearly). The major difference of those two pricing is that if you choose to pay annually, not only you will save couple of bucks but also you will get other benefits such as prime shippings, prime readings, prime photos … etc. as well.


Amazon has more than 1,800+ tv shows and 18,000+ movies. It looks such a better choice than Netflix in the first glance, right? However, a lot of those shows and movies are paid selections which means that even if you subscribe as a amazon prime member, you will still need to pay for those shows. In addition, a huge selection of shows and movies aren’t that popular though.

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*) Prime Student membership annual price is $49 USD a year

**) Standard Prime membership is $99 USD a year

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Hulu is another interesting choice if you are into the video streaming service and also wanna have a bit live TVs. In fact, it originally started as a FREE video on demand services offering TV shows which broadcasted a week or couple days earlier. Meaning that you wouldn’t be able to watch the live TV shows on its platform but you would be able to watch it couple days after (at the time, it was 2 days after).

Now, Hulu is competing with Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos which only offers paid subscriptions. You will have to pay for its contents and depending on the price you pay for, you might still get commercials on the shows when you watch them.


You can see the price graph below. In fact, the $5.99 a month is a promotion. The usual price tag on the basic service is $7.99 a month.


Since Hulu is a joint venture with The Walt Disney Company (through Disney–ABC Television Group) (30%), 21st Century Fox (through Fox Entertainment Group) (30%), Comcast (through NBCUniversal) (30%), and as of August 10, 2016, Time Warner (through Turner Broadcasting System) (10%, minority stake), you can guess that the titles on the tv side offering is better (meaning newer).

Hulu offers more than 1,700+ tv shows (about 117,000 tv episodes) and 5,300+ movies.


Free Trail

You can try if FREE for a month –
Cancel it anytime before the trial ends and you won’t be charged for the service.

Try the promotion code “3DJK3XA6N262“, you might be able to get 3 months FREE trial.





We really need to talk about Crackle here not only because it’s the only FREE video on demand service here but also because its increasing library (both on the quantity and quality sides) that makes its rising to the top very fast.

A bit of the Crackle background from Wiki here – 

Crackle is a video streaming distributor of original web shows, Hollywood movies, and TV shows. Founded in the early 2000s as Grouper, and rebranded in 2007, Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The service is free with commercials on all supported platforms.



“FREE”. That’s right… it’s free. The main cash income supporting this platform is from the ads that it shows to consumers while watching shows and movies. It’s a bit annoying but … hey … who can beat the “power of free”?


The titles cannot compete with other 3 players we talked about above but the quantity for the casual consumers (meaning that if you aren’t sitting there and watching videos all day long) is enough. Especially they constantly put great contents on the platform… the quality is great. Again, the offerings are changing every month so … as of today, you can watch the super popular “Heros” tv shows on Crackle. There are a few very popular movies on it as well. Wanna have an example? How about “Mission Impossible 3”?



All of above services they are into making their own contents as well. They have their own studios and making their own titles (tv shows and movies). The move of making their own titles is necessary since other media companies are moving into this territory, they will eventually face the competition from their suppliers. For instance, Disney is moving away from Netflix. Disney is launching its own streaming movie service and will stop streaming its movies on Netflix in 2019.

The originals are great … the evidence can be found from winning top Emmys awards. You can see the following graph from recode. Video streaming services are winning top Emmys from traditional studio power houses.

Photo credit – Recode





“Consumers”, of course. We can choose from free service to several tiers of paid services from different providers to suit our needs.

If you are a casual consumers and also a cable cutter (… well… cable cutters are being a norm these days), you don’t need to pay a penny. Just pick Crackle and believe us that you will be very pleased of what they can offer you.

If you are a very demanding video consumer, choose Netflix since it offers the widest range of tv shows and movies. The increasing numbers of original titles from Netflix is another factor for you as well.

If you are not only a demanding video consumer but also shop a lot online and read a lot of books, you can try Amazon Prime Videos. Those add-ons will give you more from the fees you pay for the videos.

If you are into the current TV episodes, you should pick Hulu. You will also be able to watch those tv episodes live on the devices you choose (computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet).



If you want to search for shows that you would like to watch on those platforms, you can got to JustWatch to search for it.

Just type the name of the title you would like to watch and click search. You will see which platform is currently offering the title right away.