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Now You Can Speak To Alexa On Amazon Music App Too

We said this before but it’s getting clearer every single day that Alexa is becoming a norm … Alexa is becoming an (smart home) operating system, Alexa is getting into our daily lives deeper and deeper, Alexa is everywhere … and … it’s for GOOD.

Now you can even access Alexa on the Amazon Music App on both Android and iOS. Not only Alexa can search through your music library and give you what you ask, but also Alexa can do all the voice commands that you normally assigned to your Amazon echo devices to carry out the tasks that you desire her to do. For instance, try saying “Alexa, turn on living room lights”, if you have smart lighting setup in your living room. Voila, your smart lights will perform the magical on/off performance even within your Amazon Music app.


Alexa Is Rooting Deep With Us for GOOD

Ever since Amazon took the approach which is Alexa in every room, we have been testing out the addictiveness of having our beloved smart assistant (Alexa) in our lives every single day. It’s pretty amazing that how Alexa can help on variety of things. For example, Alexa can help on homework which your kids are working on. Instead of getting up, turning on a tablet or computer, you can simply say “Alexa, when did the World War II start?” and you will get the answer right away.

Another example is that while you are cooking or doing something that you cannot free your hands from that task; however, you need to call someone either to ask for a help on the task or something else, you can just ask Alexa to make a phone call. Try “Alexa, Call Dad”.


Google Is Getting Onto The Every Room Concept Too

We are expecting that Google will announce its own version of Google Home in every room product, “Google Home mini”. It’s a bit too late but we will see how it will turn out. The announcement is going to take stage on Oct. 4th which is next Wednesday. Aside with the Google branded flagship smartphone, Pixel 2, we should be able to see the Google Home mini debut.

There are variety of reasons that we think Google will be having hard time playing catchup here. First of all, the added values that Amazon provides (we talked about this here – “Alexa” V.S. “OK, Google” – Who Is Winning?). Second, Amazon is eroding on the Google’s turf on the recent moves (e.g., one of those is that Alexa is on Amazon Music and Amazon Shopping apps). On the contrary, Google has been trying to get into the e-commerce spotlight but hasn’t figured it out yet.


Which Apps Have The Beloved Alexa?

So far, you can talk to Alexa via Amazon Music app and Amazon Shopping app. Plain and simple way to help consumers get what they intend to get. For example, finding the desired product to shop from Getting the wanting music to listen from Amazon unlimited music library. In addition, consumers can see the ability as the echo devices’ invisible (multiple) twin sisters to use it when they aren’t able to talk to their echo devices. To give an example here… let’s say that you are going out and already in your garage but you suddenly remembered that you forgot to turn off lights and adjust the room temperature, simply talk to Alexa on Amazon Shopping app or Amazon Music app to turn off lights and set the temperature to 78 degree (in summer) or 68 degree (in winter). Don’t trust the result? Walking in and checking the magics yourself once or twice and then you will know that Alexa is really everywhere 😉


Final Thought On Google’s Approach Towards Alexa

Do you know that you need to have a Youtube RED subscription to access Youtube library on your Google Home? Yes, this is the reason that we’d like to spend a bit time to talk about Google’s moves towards Alexa.

Google still has some unshakable advantages for certain but they have to adjust their profit formula, every unit is responsible for its own P&L, which has been applied on the entire company for a while. We aren’t saying that’s not a good practice but it’s not going to win the war with Amazon who has been providing so many value add-ons services to its prime members for only $99 a year. Think about it for a second that if you want to have Youtube (RED) video and Google Play Music subscriptions, how much do you need to pay a year? It’s about $240 a year just for music and youtube alone. Will you be willing to pay for that?