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New iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Are Here

Yes, today is the day that a lot of us can (and many of you might already be able to) put our hands on Apple’s newest and greatest device, the iPhone 8. If you didn’t get to order it before the ship date slid to 1~2 weeks last Friday, you might be able to grab one from stores (your wireless carrier or Apple retail store). Trust us, the chances are … you will be able to get one even if you just walk out of your place and get to the store right now. Why? Because a lot of us are waiting for the iPhone X rather than spending up to $800 (including tax) to get the iPhone 7 twin brother (iPhone 8). Don’t get us wrong that we aren’t saying that iPhone 8 and 8 Plus aren’t good devices. In fact, they are fantastic devices and, probably, the best smartphones ever that you can get today. But … (yes, there is always a “but” coming after ^_^) when there is a upcoming super star that will be arriving in a month, why should consumers spend an extra couple hundreds to buy the phone that will be replaced from the throne in a month?

There Aren’t As Many People As We Thought Waiting In Line


Have you ever seen this before? No one waiting in line in front of the Apple store on the new iPhone release day? “This isn’t happening” … it’s the first thought if you are an executive of Apple or a fan of Apple most likely. But … it happened and it’s not only no line in front of the Apple store but also you might be really able to get one if you walk into any of your carrier’s stores right now… or even by the end of day today.

This tweet is from @Safwan Ahmedmia who has a very trustworthy Youtube reviewing channel that you can be informed of new tech stuff. Check it out here.


Long Lines Do Exist

That’s right. According to reports that there are long lines in some Asia countries such as Singapore. It looks like some countries are still having really high Apple iPhone fever but, in some cities/countries, consumers are getting into a mature stage to see things through a bit deeper now.

In Singapore

In San Francisco


In Palo Alto – only a dozen in line


In LA – really depends on the area but there aren’t that high demand in general this time


In Miami

So … Will You Able To Grab An iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Without Pre-ordering it Today?

Chances are that you will be but it will depend on which area you live. Just make a couple of phone calls with some retail stores of your carrier to get the confirmation before you go in. We believe that you will be able to find couple of locations still carrying inventories that you can just walk in and walk out without a long wait.


By the way, we did get our iPhone 8 / 8 Plus delivered earlier today. We made pre-orders on September 15th. However, we didn’t phone in when the pre-order started at midnight. Instead… we did that couple of hours later after everyone woke up from their sweet dreams and … there wasn’t any wait on the phone for the pre-orders and … of course … ship date was assigned to September 22nd which is today.