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FREE Netflix On Only Regular T-Mobile ONE Family Plan Accounts

Do you know that you might be eligible to enjoy Netflix for free starting from tomorrow if you are a T-Mobile customer? That’s right. Free Netflix account offered by T-Mobile if you have a “REGULAR” T-Mobile ONE Family plan. This is super awesome, right? Before you get too excited, you need to go on T-Mobile website to check on your eligibility even if you think that you are a T-Mobile ONE family plan owner. Since in less than 2 years, T-Mobile has been introduced too many different promotions under the same name (some might be different slightly); therefore, you might be having a T-Mobile ONE plan with more than one line but it’s not the “REGULAR” family plan they have in their mind (or more formal term is on their policy or term of condition).


Which Plan Is Eligible?

“REGULAR” T-Mobile ONE Family Plan. If you are paying $120 for 2 lines, or 3 lines for $47 each, or $160 for 4 lines, you are eligible to get the FREE Netflix offer. You can click here to see the pricing offer.


Which T-Mobile “ONE” Plans Are NOT Eligible?

Which “ONE” are NOT eligible? There are a few of them. See the followings,

  • T-Mobile ONE voice with a single line
  • T-Mobile ONE 2 lines for $100 tax inclusive
  • T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ tax inclusive

Those are so called promotional plans and T-Mobile aren’t going to put those plans account owners on their the most exciting FREE Netflix promotion. If you really wanna get the FREE Netflix offer, you will need to change your plan to a “REGULAR” T-Mobile ONE Family Plan. After that, you will be able to activate that offer starting on September 12 (which is tomorrow).

For more of Free Netflix offer, you can click here to see more details including other plans which are banned from this offer.


Is It Worth to Switch To a “REGULAR” T-Mobile ONE Family Plan If You Aren’t Now?

It all depends on how much you pay monthly for your current plan. For instance, if you are paying more comparing with the “REGULAR” T-Mobile ONE Family Plan (how many lines you have and you pay a month), you should switch to the “REGULAR” T-Mobile ONE Family Plan to get this FREE Netflix offer… because, it will save you money on your monthly wireless bill and you will also get a FREE Netflix account which is $9.99 a month too.

However, if you are on other promotional T-Mobile plans we mentioned above, you shouldn’t… since… you will end up paying more if you change your plan to “REGULAR” T-Mobile ONE Family Plan. Take a look at an example as follow,

Scenario #1 – You are having 2 lines for $100 T-Mobile ONE Plan (tax inclusive)

If all you need is 2 lines, you should stay with your current plan since … you are paying only $100 a month. If you want to have a Netflix account, you only need to add $9.99 a month. The total will be $109.99 a month for your wireless bill and your Netflix account. Compared with the “REGULAR” T-Mobile ONE Family Plan fee plus a FREE Netflix account offer which is $120 a month, you are saving $10.01 a month.

Monthly wireless fee + Netflix fee

Stay with your current plan
$109.99 a month

Change to "REGULAR" T-Mobile ONE Family Plan
$120 a month


Scenario #2 – You are having T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ (tax inclusive)

You really should NOT change to “REGULAR” T-Mobile ONE Family Plan if you are on this senior unlimited everything deal. If you want to have a Netflix account (if you don’t have it already), you can totally just add it on yourself. Your monthly wireless bill plus Netflix fee is going to be only ($60 + $9.99) $69.99 a month instead of paying $120 a month. This is the best deal you can get if you only need two lines.

Monthly wireless fee + Netflix fee

Stay with your current plan
$69.99 a month

Change to "REGULAR" T-Mobile ONE Family Plan
$120 a month


Scenario #3 – You are having T-Mobile ONE voice with a single line

Well… you only need one line, right? So … you don’t need to pay for more than 100 bucks just to add a free Netflix account on your wireless plan. Also, there is a better way for this if you have friends who are also on single T-Mobile ONE plan. Just have, at least, 2 people and get a “REGULAR” T-Mobile ONE Family Plan… best to have 4 people and each of you folks will only need to pay for $40 a month for your wireless bill + a free access to a shared Netflix account.


Monthly wireless fee + Netflix fee

Stay with your current plan
$79.99 a month

Change to "REGULAR" T-Mobile ONE Family Plan (if only yourself changing to 2 lines a month)
$120 a month


** Note:

Get your friends together and get a "REGULAR" T-Mobile ONE Family Plan to save up to (79.99 - $40) $39.99 a month PER PERSON with your wireless bill plus a Netflix account with 4 lines. This is our suggestion if you are willing to do so with your friends.


FREE Netflix Account With T-Mobile – Will It Be Forever?

It will last, at least, a year in our opinion. After that, it’s hard to say since on their offer page, you can see from the “terms and conditions” that they mentioned – “features may change or be discontinued at any time”. You can go to T-Mobile website and read the tos yourself (click “see full terms” on the Netflix offering section). By the way, the Netflix fee may take 1-2 bill cycles to be applied to your account according to their terms.


What’s Next?

You should get ready to go and activate your FREE Netflix offer starting tomorrow. You can 1) call T-Mobile customer service line to activate, 2) go online and log into your account to activate, or 3) walk into any T-Mobile retail stores to ask for assistance on that.


If you wannt go onlie to activate yourself tomorrow, here are the steps mentioned on their offering document,

Getting your Netflix subscription on T-Mobile
Before you can get Netflix On T-Mobile, you’ll need to opt in to it on your T-Mobile account:

1) Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
2) Select Plan.
3) Select Change Services. If you need to change your plan to qualify, select Change Plan. You can also contact T-Mobile customer service for assistance.
4) Add the Fam Incl. Netflix $9.99 feature to your account.
5) Once added, select the Register For Netflix button after submitting your changes.

  • If you’re a current Netflix customer, sign in with your existing account.
  • If you’re new to Netflix, you’ll need to sign up for a Netflix account.



T-Mobile acts as a reseller of Netflix on this offer; therefore, you should go through T-Mobile if anything relating to Netflix account changed (such as upgrading to the premium plan which is $2.00 more a month, or cancelling the Netflix account).