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Amazon Prime Members, Do You Know You Get Unlimited Readings With Audible Narratives For FREE?

Amazon is a monster and it’s a cute, adorable, and super popular monster that every consumer loves. It seems like no one can and will not be able to compete with them in a near future in terms of the resources, wide range of services they offer, and the variety of industries they’ve put their feet in. According to MKM Partners’ Rob Sanderson, Amazon (AMZN) will be the largest retailer and largest tech company in the world by 2025 with valuations higher than Microsoft (MSFT) and Oracle (ORCL), combined. We know that everyone is willingly falling in love with Amazon and more than 85 millions prime member subscribers (64% of U.S. households) are shopping and living in the Amazon nation every day... do you know that you have more perks than you can ever grab with your prime membership? That’s right, along with 2-days free shipping (in some area is one-day free or same-day free shipping), unlimited video streaming, unlimited music, … etc. (for detailed list of the perks, you can click here), you can also access to over a thousand of kindle books with audible narratives (with some titles) for FREE.


Amazon Prime Unlimited Reading

“Amazon Prime Unlimited Reading” was announced in October last year (beginning of October 2016), it’s another move for luring and even getting existing prime members rooting for Amazon as a whole. If you are a reader, you don’t even need to pay a penny to grab great readings for your appetite. And … it’s unlimited which means that you can read as many titles as you want from Amazon’s over a thousand titles offering.

With FREE Audible Included (For Some Titles)

If you are a regular reader and audible books listener like us, you will definitely love this perk if you aren’t knowing already. You can not only grab a book to read from Amazon Prime Reading books but also download the audible version of it to listen for free (for some titles). You will need to search through it and look for “Read and Listen for Free” from the selections. Here is how to do it,

Approach #1 – reading first, listening second

1) Download FREE Kindle App for your iOS or Android devices (or you can just using your laptop/desktop browser to read)
2) Go to Amazon Kindle eBooks
3) Select the “Prime Reading Eligible” category from the categories list on the left under “Prime Reading” main category.
4) Choose books you’d like to read and click through
5) Look for “Read and Listen for Free” button on the right column (as the picture shown)

6) Click it. Your eBook will be deliver to all of your devices and also you are able to download it to your audible app on your devices as well

Approach #2 – listening first, reading second

1) Download the Audible app on your devices
2) Go to “Amazon Prime Reading”
3) Scrolling down to “Books with Audible Narration in Prime Reading” section
4) Grab any title you’d like to listen & read for FREE


 If you would like to listen to the eBooks you just grab for free, you will need to have an audible app on your devices as well. Do you know that you will be able to get ANY TWO AUDIBLE BOOKS FOR FREE if you try Amazon's Audible Membership 30-Days Free trails?

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

It's a seperate membership program so ... even if you are a Prime member, you don't automatically become Amazon's Audbile member. However, you will be able to get 2 FREE audible books if you just try it out ;)

Limitations On Unlimited Prime Reading

Yes, there are limitations but those are negligible factors since no one can really reach those limitations unless you are a really really serious reader.

1) Over a thousand book titles
2) 10 books in your Prime Reading Library at a time

It’s over a thousand book titles including lots of best sellers like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Millionaire Next Door, The Man In the High Castle, When I’m Gone ,Half Way Home, and more. The caveats are that if you like Harry Potter series, you aren’t going to get every single piece of the series for free on your Prime Reading (there is another offer which is “kindle unlimited” that will give you all of that. We are going to talk about that the other day since there are lots of stuff including comparisons that we would like to walk you though as well).

In addition, you can only have 10 FREE books in your Prime Reading library at the same time. Not this is going to be an issue since we don’t know anyone who is reading 10 ebooks (meaning… really into reading 10 books) at the same time. Normally, you enjoy 1 or 2 books, finish them, and move onto another book. Hence, this isn’t going to be an issue at all.

What’s More?

For readers who like more titles to be able to choose from, we will talk about “Amazon kindle unlimited” and “Amazon Kindle Owners’ Lending Library” offerings. Those are for serious readers who want to enjoy readings at a very very very affordable price (for “Amazon Kindle Owners’ Lending Library” offering… it’s free to join and enjoy). There will be another one perk that Amazon prime members are able to take advantage of… which is “Kindle First” and we will talk about this tomorrow as well. Stay tune for the upcoming discovery of “Amazon kindle unlimited”, “Amazon Kindle Owners’ Lending Library”, and “Kindle First” offerings along with comparisons… ANDstart enjoying your Prime perks for readings as well as audible books listenings now.

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