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Best Note 8 Deals (BOGO – Buy One Get One Free) Are Yet To Come — T-Mobile Is At The Helm

T-Mobile –> BOGO (Buy One Get One Free)

Have you noticed that T-Mobile is on the news almost every single day. Their aims to overtake the position where Verizon Wireless and AT&T are at today is still a long way to go in terms of the number of subscribers. However, if you are talking about occupying the throne of the most discussed and fastest growth wireless carrier in the US, they are already in position today.

Yesterday we talked about the deals (plus plans) of Note 8 from 4 major US carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless). Those are fairly great deals from yesterday’s article. However, T-Mobile is announcing its Galaxy Note 8 BOGO deal today (starting on Sep. 1). It’s practically the best deal ever all over the market. If you are up to purchase (NOT lease) a Note 8, this is THE DEAL that you cannot let it slip by.


Eligibility & Requirements

First you need to become a “T-Mobile ONE”, or “T-Mobile Simple Choice” plan subscriber. Second, you need to buy a Note 8 under T-Mobile’s equipment installment plan and add another EIP (equipment installment plan) line. Then you will be able to choose a device which is limited to S8, S8+, or Note 8 to tie that device to your second EIP line. After above, you will be eligible to use “17SAMN8BOGO” promo code to receive a prepaid MasterCard to compensate the device you choose for your 2nd EIP line. Therefore, it’s not FREE in the very beginning because you need to pay for it then … you will have a way to make it FREE. We know that it’s tricky since if it’s FREE, it should be FREE in a super simple way but … well… it’s a strategic move from all the businesses to retain customers. And, since you have a way to get it for FREE in the end, just remember to do so the first thing after you become eligible. Procrastination on getting this type of deals will not result good historically speaking.

Steps for getting 2nd device for FREE:
1) Buy a Note 8 under T-Mobile's equipment installment plan
2) add another EIP (equipment installment plan) line
3) head to T-Mobile promotion center to enter "17SAMN8BOGO" promo code


How About Customers Who Already Made Pre-Orders?

If you are one of them, don’t worry… you are covered as well. You just need to follow the steps above to be qualified. Again, you need to buy Note 8 under EIP. If you lease a Note 8, you aren’t qualified. So … if you already made a pre-order and also under an EIP, then … please take an advantage on this deal. If you can get a second Note 8 for FREE, why not?


Our Guess – Other Carriers Will Join The Party

Our guess is that other carriers won’t let T-Mobile stay on the spotlight for too long. They will launch their BOGO deal soon enough to catch this train since this is a few of the hot devices that is sort of guaranteeing to sell well this year. Don’t know when Verizon Wireless will announce its BOGO deal for Note 8 but Sprint’s customers for sure won’t be waiting too long.