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Note 8 Dual Camera Teaser Video Online



It’s the time of the year for Samsung to shine before its rival Apple’s biggest event of the year which is the new iPhone and Samsung, for sure, will always give us a bit appetite until the feast comes out on August 23rd which is 2 days from now. New York, New York it’s always one of the biggest stages (if not the biggest) for new products introduction and it’s the biggest event for Samsung before year 2017 ends. Galaxy Note 8 carries unprecedented weights ever to burr the memory of its predecessor, Note 7, flammable incidents. Believe or not, it’s very likely this is going to be one of the best selling phones in Android smartphones history since it’s a Note and, so far, we haven’t heard any incident related to battery from Galaxy S8 or S8+. According to the video (fast forward to 7:52) below, even if you punctuate GS8 or GS8+ battery directly, it won’t even explode or catch fire which is incredibly and unbelievably safe. Do it to other phones, we guarantee you that you will need a fire extinguisher to put out the fire caused by damaging the battery.



Dual Camera Finally

Honestly… if camera factor is totally being taken out of smartphone race, we won’t even consider upgrade our phones per 4 or 5 years. This is the most important element to lure and convince consumers to spend loads of cash to upgrade their devices every single year and, finally, it seems like Samsung will have a very very competitive offering to answer Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus dual camera setting.

Don’t know why Samsung waited for this long to introduce the dual camera feature. It might be because it finally figured out how to really integrate its better hardware with Android OS or even convinced Google to allow that innovation to be surfaced to other applications via the appropriate API. According to Gundotra, the former Google executive, who once headed the company’s overall mobile efforts.

Anyway, it’s good for consumers that we are going to have another smartphone that are able to take stunning photos very very soon. In fact, it will be unveiled in 2 days. You can get the rough idea that the Note 8 will be able to focus on the object which ever ways you would like to. It’s like iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode. We sincerely hope that it will be much easier to use than the use of the portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus. Yup, it’s not that hard to take a stunning photo via iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode but there are a few annoyances such as you need to be within 8 feet of the object and well… lens isn’t wide enough to catch really great photos.



If we aren’t mistaken that Note 8 will equip with 6GB RAM which is on the top of the smartphone world (take a look at another article here). What will 6GB RAM do? It will close the overall operational smoothness gap between the iPhone and Note 8 since we believe that Samsung alone won’t be able to solve the glitches of Android. However, the advanced hardware can hide software flaws behind the much powerful components so … no worries, nowadays, flagship Android phones are as good as the iPhone. It all depends on the consumers’ preferences to choose which handsets they would like to take out for a daily ride.


Infinity Display

The best selling point for the S8 and S8+ will be on the Note 8 as well. The slightest difference is that, according to rumors and renders … also some teaser videos, the upcoming Note 8 will be a bit more square-ish. It’s great because it will differentiate it from its S8/S8+ series and, for some reason, businesses people have a propensity for square shape tech gadgets. Do you know that the main target for Note 8 is “business folks”? It’s a smart move for Samsung.


Big Push For Note 8

Samsung will have a big push for the Note 8 for so many reasons. However, we, as consumers, don’t need to know why but just go and grab those great deals. According to, Evan Blass @evleaks, Samsung will have big promotions for the Note 8 pre-orders (rumors says that it will start on August 25th). If you pre-order Note 8, either you will get a “256GB card + wireless charger” or a “360 cam”. If you are an Android fan, you don’t wanna miss this deal. Prepare to call in and make a pre-order when it starts.



Top Phones, Top Prices

Folks… prepare to pay premiums for the Note 8. Leaks from everywhere suggest that the prices for the Note 8 models are going to be like as follows,

6 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM: $940 USD
6 GB RAM / 128 GB ROM: $1062 USD
6 GB RAM / 256 GB ROM: $1200 USD

Are there many consumers willing to pay this much for a smartphone? We will have to wait to find out if the prices from rumors are correct.