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iPhone 8 vs Note 8 – Final Glance Before Launch

Until now, most of us who are into tech stuff (especially gadgets part) have the final specs and design in mind for both upcoming devices (iPhone 8 & Galaxy Note 8). Which one is better is really depending on the personal preference but we still want to put all the information we have in hand to give a verdict in our own way before the launches of both devices.



iPhone 8

It’s going to be a 5.8″ OLED display according to various rumors and renders circling around the Internet.

1) 5.8" OLED display
2) No Home button
3) Edge-to-edge display
4) 2800×1242 resolution (for the content 2436×1125 resolution since there will be an area which is going to be used for the in-display home button)
5) in-display fingerprint sensor

As you can see from the above leaked drawings that the highly anticipated iPhone 8 will have a bit narrow cutoff on the very top of its front display. For a lot of people, it will be a deal breaker since it really totally ruin the aesthetics of the iPhone design. Take a look at its white iPhone 8 rendered image below… if this is true, the white iPhone 8 isn’t going to selling well as its white version predecessors.

Note 8

1) 6.3in 3840x2160 Super AMOLED
2) curved Infinity Display with 18.5:9 ratio
3) 3840x2160 resolution
4) fingerprint sensor is on the back

In terms of the design, Samsung absolutely gets this round since there isn’t any cutoff like the rumors said that the iPhone 8 will have. However, the fingerprint sensor is still a road bump for the Note 8. Samsung still cannot put this feature on its gorgeous display to have the ultimate integration and transition from the physical home button fingerprint scanner to the in-display fingerprint sensor.


Winner: Note 8



iPhone 8

1) Faster A11 processor
2) Facial Recognition, perhaps replacing Touch ID
3) Wireless charging
4) All Glass design
5) 71x143x7.4mm
6) Vertical dual cameras on rear
7) Support for LTE speeds up to 450Mbps
8) 3GB RAM
9) iOS 11

As you can see that all of the hardware specs are not new tech that would make technology hungerers like us excited but … it’s Apple… and it’s the iPhone so … it will probably have a better integration than rest of its competitors have and bring the new highs to those existing hardware features.


Note 8

1)S Pen support
3)Improved iris scanner
4)Built-in 'Bixby' AI assistant
5)Samsung Exynos 8895 CPU (or Snapdragon 835 in the US), 6GB RAM
6)12MP dual rear-facing camera, 8MP front-facing camera
7)USB-C connectivity, 3.5mm headphone jack
8)Android 7.0 Nougat
9)IP68 certification
10 64GB build-in storage, microSD expansion
11 3,000mAh battery.
12 Fast charging, wireless charging support

Unlike iPhone which is hard to know most of its internal components like the CPU (well… we can always guess and the probability of guessing it right is pretty high) and RAM, we can get most of the hardware specs from most of the Android phones before they reveal their latest inventions to the public.

The Note 8 will sport Snapdragon in the US and will probably have 6GB RAM. And finally we will have a dual camera settings for the beloved Galaxy Series device from Samsung. It will raise the bar of the smartphone photography war to a record high and who is the beneficiaries? Consumers will be the ultimate winners of this fierce competition of mobile photography innovation.


Winner: Draw

Note: we will give you the reason in the summary



iPhone 8

All rumors point to the north of the price chart which is going to be a very expensive device to own… it’s going to be more than $1,000 USD to own this bad boy/girl. However, it’s Apple and it has the power and secret sauce to bring the price down to a reasonable level for consumers to own its latest and greatest product so … we still are expecting to get the iPhone 8 basic model for about $750 USD or maybe up to $799 USD the most.


Note 8

It’s like Apple’s iPhone 8, everyone is guessing that due to the information of the cost of its hardware components, the price of the Note 8 will be over $1,000 USD mark as well. However, base on our observation, it will remain at $750 USD or maybe just like the iPhone 8 that the Note 8 will go as high as $800 USD. Two reasons for this price adjustment. First that the competition is fierce and Sammy needs to grab more market shares than ever in the 4th quarter every year. Second, Sammy will want to put the Note 7 fiasco behind 100%; therefore, getting more Note 8 onto consumers’ hands is more important than ever before.

Winner: Draw



Winner: Both devices

This time we will NOT inch in one or the other since based on the design, specs, and price, it’s obviously a “DRAW” even though we put our chips on Note 8 in the design section. The ability of integrating fingerprint sensors right onto the display gives Apple (the iPhone 8) a clear advantage to retain its users or even acquire more consumers into buying the iPhone 8.

We mentioned that we would talk about why we give Apple a bit more room on staying on the same level of Samsung in terms of the hardware specifications of its iPhone 8… the reason is the tight integration between Apple’s software and hardware. Apple is an hardware manufacturers as well as a software inventor so it has the magic to integrate and turn the 2-tier hardware innovations into the champions which has been always outshining those cutting edge devices for years. Therefore, even the on-paper specs aren’t as good as the Note 8 has, the iPhone 8, for sure, will be selling like hot cakes.

Remember the shortages of getting all the previous iPhones during the first couple of months when Apple released them? The iPhone 8 will give us the same scenario without a doubt.