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No Touchscreen, No Problem – AirBar Turns Your Macbook Air Into Touchscreen MBA


Nowadays consumers are living in the touching world. Interacting with machines with keyboards and mouses are too 19th century stuff. Using touchscreen interface is a must. However, even though lots of new windows PCs equip with this feature, a bunch of low-end or previous generation PCs don’t. So … how do you do that? Pulling more $ from your pocket to upgrade your PC? Well… let AirBar help you here.


AirBar On Your Notebook or Chromebook

Most low-end notebooks or chromebooks don’t have touchscreen feature equipped and you can live without it (since the cost is lower to own it) but with grudges. How about you just put a thin magic gadget right on it and you can just simply… touch and operate it?


AirBar On Your Macbook Air

That’s right. On your APPLE MACBOOK AIR. If you are an Apple fan (and believe us, most of us are), you’d face a situation at some points that you thought your Apple laptop is an iPad… you tried to use your fingers to command apps to start running but, of course, you quickly figured out that it’s not happening. What a shame that such a fine machine does not have this elegant and useful feature. Also, it looks like Apple isn’t going to integrate this feature to its laptop/desktop lineups anytime soon though. No worries, AirBar now supports Macbook Air 13″. Simply plug-and-touch. You can interact with your Macbook Air like you play with your iPad. What’s more? It’s just extremely beautifully designed and executed so that you won’t even feel it’s an external add-on to your beloved Macbook Air.


Get AirBar Now

Macbook Air

Get your Macbook Air 13″ AirBar for only $99 USD now.

Windows PC

$79.00 USD for 13.3″ Windows 10 Laptops
$69.00 USD for 14″ Windows 10 Laptops
$69.00 USD for 15.6″ Windows 10 Laptops, Matt Black