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Not Convenient Enough? Amazon Introduced The “Hub”

If you still think shopping on Amazon isn’t convenient enough, just wait for 5 minutes. It’s just like the e-commerce giant is introducing new services every 5 minutes to make its shopping platform,, the world’s online shoppers GOTO place. From this simple mission, Amazon has been pushing the front to the next level. They […]

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Homepod – Everyone Watch Out! Apple Is Coming Through

“Smart Home” – it’s not only a trending term nowadays but also what people really want and what the world is heading to in the next couple of years. All in all, it’s all because of the big data combining with machining learning which is the foundation of the “AI” – Artificial Intelligence.   Smart […]

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Asian Pacific Fellows, Prime Time Is Almost Here

Amazon is preparing to launch its service in Southeast Asia via international hub, Singapore, in that region. Amazon is an household name everywhere in the world especially in the United States but its international appearance isn’t as widely spread as everyone thinks. However, after trials and errors and strategic moves, Amazon’s international expansion push is […]

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