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iPad is actually the Predecessor of iPhone

iPad is actually the predecessor of iPhone

Believe or not, iPad is the predecessor of the iPhone… well … at least in terms of prototype. It’s understandable why Apple worked on iPad first. Since Microsoft took the reins in 1990s, Apple had been trying to not only get back to the game but to actually take the lead. Therefore, they had been competing on keyboardless computer devices back then. Yes, you heard it right… it’s back in late 1990s that we actually had the tablet already.


The first tablet computer was from Microsoft

Of course the first one was from the 1,000 pound gorilla conglomerate, Microsoft, back then. Microsoft introduced its first keyboardless computer in 2010. Two years later (2002), Bill Gates (Microsoft co-founder and former CEO) showed the world the improved model, a color tablet used Windows XP tablet operating system.


The annoyed feeling stirred by Microsoft employee made Jobs decided to do the iPad

Everything happens for a reason. To iPad’s inception… there is no exception here either. Also… everything is connected though. When an opportunity presents itself in front of you, you must grab it and take it. Steve Jobs did this in his entire life and this time is from a party gathering led to the iPad engineering. You can read from here (Here’s Steve Jobs Describing The Exact Moment He Decided To Do The iPad To Destroy Microsoft).


Why Steve Jobs made iPad so successful but others failed miserably on the tablet market

Simply put that Jobs has the ability to know what consumers need and what not. Furthermore, Jobs dares to challenge status quo even if it would take huge toll on him. Take Microsoft as an example, in order to quickly invent the tablet, Microsoft took the trimming approach which is to use its existing operating system to trim down features to make its tablet operating system. In contrary, Jobs took the bottom up approach because the design mindset from him was to achieve what users should do according to the form of the device. In other words that Jobs made iPad a device that what people want in the minimum level. In order to make something people want, you need to make something people understand and can easily relate to. The iOS is the invention of that.


Watch the video below to see “Steve Jobs reveals a secret about how the concept of iPhone began during the D8 interview”.


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