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Apple New iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Apple New iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4

surface pro vs ipad pro
surface pro vs ipad pro

First of all, there is one distinct difference that we need to point out before we get going. The design mindset for iPad Pro is entirely different from the mindset of surface Pro. iPad Pro is built with tablet first mindset. Microsoft Surface Pro is built with PC first thought. So if you want to compare those two beasts side by side, you need to know that on some functions iPad Pro are more powerful than Surface Pro; however, Surface Pro are more useful in some areas not due to the superiority that one over the other but because the fundamental starting points are from extreme opposite site of the planet.


Operating System

Apple new iPad Pro – iOS

Again, iPad is a tablet first mindset beast so it runs on iOS (iOS10 comes with it for the iPad Pro 4 2017). It’s a one scale up iOS product so you can do a bit more things  than what you can do with your iPhone but lots of things that you can do with PCs (or Macs) you still cannot do with iPad Pro.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – WINDOWS

It runs full desktop OS along with desktop applications; therefore, you can do more with this machine for sure. For instance, it supports multiple users with complete application and file security, manage local and shared files that are accessible to all applications, and fully support all input device types, including mice, trackpads, graphics tablets, game controllers, etc.



Talking about hardware is not that relevant anymore because, as we all know, Apple’s components are always a bit inferior (we are referring to the CPU and RAM here) but their integration is superior than rest of the tech giants in the world so the performance of their products is always on par with others if not better in most cases.

Apple new iPad Pro

Storage: 64BG, 256GB, 512GB
Screen size & resolution: 10.5″ (2224-by-1668 resolution at 264 pixels per inch) or 12.9″ (2732-by-2048 resolution at 264 pixels per inch)
CPU: A10X Fusion chip with 64‑bit architecture (Embedded M10 coprocessor)
Rear Camera: 12-megapixel camera (ƒ/1.8 aperture); Digital zoom up to 5x; Optical image stabilization; 4K video recording at 30 fps; 080p
HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps; 720p HD video recording at 30 fps
Front Camera: 7-megapixel photos (7-megapixel photos camera with ƒ/2.2 aperture); 1080p HD video recording
Battery: Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‐Fi, watching video, or listening to music

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Storage: 128BG, 256GB, 512GB
Screen size & resolution: 12.3” PixelSense Display – 2736 x 1824 (267 PPI)
CPU: 6th Gen Intel Core m3, i5, or i7

  • m3: Intel HD graphics 515
  • i5: Intel HD graphics 520
  • i7: Intel Iris graphics

Memory: 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB RAM
Rear Camera: 8.0MP rear-facing autofocus camera with 1080p HD video
Front Camera: 5.0MP front-facing camera with 1080p HD video
Battery: Up to 9 hours of video playback


Note Taking (with Apple Pencil vs. Surface Pro Pen):

We will let you decide on this one base on the thorough comparisons from the video below. Quick conclusion here is that Apple Pen is a simple mobile note taking app experience and, with Surface Pro Pen, you can be certain that you will be more productive.




Apple new iPad Pro

Keep in mind that due to the simplicity and tablet first mindset, you can preview active apps on your iPad but you cannot operate them all at oncerather 2 in a split screen to be precise.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

You can really be a bit more productive on this feature if you choose to use Surface Pro. It can let you interact 4 apps at the same time as you can see from the following picture. Let’s say you are in a middle of preparing presentation and you need to not only use browsers to get some information but also you need to put data onto the excel file and word file and use photoshop to get some images done… then Surface Pro might be your choice here.



Apple new iPad Pro

10.5-inch iPad Pro
Model (Wi-Fi)
64GB: $649 USD
256GB: $749 USD
512GB: $949 USD

Model (Wi-Fi + Cellular)
64GB: $779 USD
256GB: $879 USD
512GB: $1,079 USD


12.9-inch iPad Pro
Model (Wi-Fi)
64GB: $799 USD
256GB: $899 USD
512GB: $1,099 USD

Model (Wi-Fi + Cellular)
64GB: $929 USD
256GB: $1,029 USD
512GB: $1,229 USD


Microsoft Surface Pro 4
128GB / Intel Core m3 (No Pen): $649 USD
128GB / Intel Core i5 – 4GB RAM : $849 USD
256GB / Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM : $1,199 USD
256GB / Intel Core i5 – 16GB RAM : $1,399 USD
512GB / Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM : $1,599 USD
512GB / Intel Core i5 – 16GB RAM : $1,799 USD



We divided users into 2 different group of consumers. Group one is consumers who are depending on PCs or Macs in their daily lives to get things done and looking for hybrid devices to replace either Macs or PCs. Group #2 is consumers whose main daily drivers are only mobile devices. For group #1, Microsoft Surface Pro is your obvious choice since your main goal is productivity. Surface Pro will get you there. For group #2 consumers, you should go with Apple iPad Pro 4… especially if you are the type of persons that don’t use (or don’t need to use) PCs or Macs. We know lots of users who don’t need or don’t want to interact with full scaled computers and very savvy with mobile devices. If you are this type of consumers then Apple iPad Pro 4 is your champion.




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